Libri di Jean-Yves Maillard | Libreria Cortina dal 1946
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Libri di Jean-Yves Maillard

Russell, Hugo and Ayliffe's Principles and Practice of Disinfection, Preservation and Sterilization

Adam P. Fraise, Jean-Yves Maillard
e altri

editore: Blackwell Publishing Ltd

pagine: 688

Highly respected, established text -- a definitive reference in its field -- covering in detail many methods of the elimination or prevention of microbial growth "highly recommended to hospital and research personnel, especially to clinical microbiologists, infectioncontrol and environmental--safety specialists, pharmacists, and dieticians." New England Journal of Medicine WHY BUY THIS BOOK? * Completely revised and updated to reflect the rapid pace of change in this area * Updated material on new and emerging technologies, focusing on special problems in hospitals, dentistry and pharmaceutical practice * Gives practical advise on problems of disinfection and antiseptics in hospitals * Discusses increasing problems of natural and acquired resistance to antibiotics * New contributors give a fresh approach to the subject and ensure international coverage * Systematic review of sterilization methods, with uses and advantages outlined for each * Evaluation of disinfectants and their mechanisms of action
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