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Churchill Livingstone

Haines and Taylor Obstetrical and Gynaecological Pathology

Harold Fox, Mike Wells

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 1774

The fifth edition of a world-famous text provides encyclopedic coverage of both obstetrical and gynaecological pathology. It describes the basic mechanisms of diseases, their pathological and clinical features and their histological and cytological appearance. Each chapter is written by a leading international expert and provides the reader with a complete and authoritative review of a particular topic. The text includes pathological descriptions of often neglected areas such as vulvar, vaginal and tubal disease and places special emphasis on the immunopathological aspects of gynaecological and obstetrical disorders. In keeping with the previous edition the text supplies extensive coverage of obstetrical pathology with in-depth chapters on the pathology of the placenta, the pregnant uterus, the membranes and the umbilical cord. This edition features increased coverage of fine needle aspiration cytology as well as an increased emphasis on differential diagnosis and the material on diagnostic techniques has been rewritten to ensure that only those that are routinely used in daily practice are covered.
571,00 542,45

Parkinson's Disease

Your Questions Answered

Roger A. Barker, Simon J. G. Lewis
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 224

This book, written in the popular Q and A format of "The YQA series", will provide sufficient information for a primary care doctor to be able to understand and treat patients who are suffering from Parkinson's Disease. The outlook for people with Parkinson's Disease is better now than at any time since the 1960s thanks to new drugs. Doctors need an up-to-date handbook that, amongst other things, sets out the benefits of the new drugs and analyses the side effects.
27,00 25,65

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation

Eric Leskowitz

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 496

"Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation" is a comprehensive review of currently available scientific information relating to complementary and alternative therapies and rehabilitation. It outlines the current state of knowledge in the area of CAM as it relates to rehabilitation. Rehabilitation involves the practice of a multidimensional form of medicine that encompasses all levels of the human being as patient-body, mind, and spirit. The theory behind rehabilitation is to utilize several forms of therapies in order to heal the body. This integration of therapies is one of the core beliefs of CAM and is why CAM meshes so naturally with rehabilitation. Representative therapies from each of the following four main categories comprise the first four sections of the book: mind/body therapies (i.e., meditation, biofeedback), body-oriented therapies (i.e., chiropractic, yoga), energy-based therapies (i.e., acupuncture, energy healing), and the emergent approaches (i.e., shamanic healing, teamwork and group dynamics). The emphasis is on evidence-based medicine, with enough research cited to whet the reader's appetite for further study. While history and theory of these CAM approaches are touched upon, the chapters are anchored in clinical examples so that the reader can apply the information to his or her practice. The second section of the book deals with some of the most widely encountered clinical conditions in rehabilitation, including cardiac and dementia. Emphasis here is on clinical practice, with a solid research base. The Research Springboards section outlines future opportunities in which CAM can be integrated with rehabilitation, such as phantom limb pain and therapeutic touch. And the last section, The Patient's Perspective, tells the stories of a manual laborer, a freelance professional, and a spiritual teacher who have all been exposed to various holistic practices during their rehabilitation processes. Training resources at the end of each chapter give the reader the opportunity to take the next step in pursuing personal exposure to a modality or approach within his or her own field of medicine.
63,00 59,85


A Clinical Core Text with Self Assessment

Elspeth Guthrie, Shon W. Lewis

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 262

This is a concise textbook of psychiatry in "The Master Medicine series", aimed at medical students and intended as a supplementary or revision text.
28,63 27,20

Pediatric Acupuncture

May Loo

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 372

This book introduces, explores and clearly explains acupuncture and related techniques used in the treatment of children. The author is a practicing pediatrician with many years' experience in both working with children and as an acupuncture practitioner. The book introduces important concepts of childhood development that integrate conventional theories with the Traditional Chinese Medicine theories presented in the classic texts. It covers a variety of acupuncture techniques, including non-invasive approaches (such as electrical stimulation, laser and magnet therapy) which are particularly helpful with children. Full treatment protocols are given for 22 common pediatric conditions, with a particular emphasis on treatments which are safe, simple and readily accepted by children. In addition, issues of diet and immunization are explored by the author.
85,00 80,75

Major Herbs of Ayurveda

Elizabeth M. Williamson

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 392

There is little information currently available in English on Indian herbs. This book gives comprehensive and detailed profiles of 50 key herbs in use in Ayurvedic medicine. The profiles are thoroughly referenced to both primary and secondary sources, and the material is designed to be a complete clinical reference.
76,40 72,58

Medical Microbiology

A Guide to Microbial Infections: Pathogensis, Immunity, Laboratory Diagnosis and Control

David Greenwood, John F. Peutherer
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 728

The book is divided into six sections such as: Microbial biology; infection and immunity; bacterial pathogens and associated diseases; viral pathogens and associated diseases; fungal pathogens and parasitic infections; and, diagnosis, treatment and control of infection. The major portion gives a organism-based systematic coverage of microbiology. Each organism is considered under a standard set of headings such as: description; pathogenesis; clinical features; laboratory diagnosis; treatment; and, Epidemiology. The section on immunology covers that part of the subject that is of direct relevance to the understanding of microbial infection.
66,85 63,51

The Malalignment Syndrome

Implications for Medicine and Sport

Wolf Schamberger

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 456

"The Malalignment Syndrome" describes a newly recognised syndrome that commonly occurs in patients seen by physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists and veterinarians. Although the symptoms are familiar to those working in the field they are often treated independently and their collective cause goes unrecognised. In this book, the author presents the evidence for looking at the group of symptoms involved and treating them as a single syndrome with a single cause - biomechanical malignment. The book has a special emphasis on athletes and participants in sport at all levels. Recognition of the malalignment syndrome by sports trainers, physiotherapists and others working with athletes can help them implement appropriate treatment and training to correct the malalignment and actually prevent the initial occurrence of symptoms. Emphasis is on the participation of the patient/athlete in the day-to day treatment process to achieve long-term results.
76,00 72,20

Clinical Applications of Neuromuscular Techniques

Judith Delany, Leon Chaitow

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 640

This book discusses theories and physiology relevant to the manual treatment of chronic pain, especially as it regards the soft tissues of the lower body. Step-by-step protocols that address each muscle of a region and a regional approach to treatment are features that make this book unique. A structural review of each region, including ligaments and functional anatomy, adds value for new students and practitioners alike.
93,00 88,35

Clinical Reflexology

A Guide for Health Professionals

Denise Tiran, Peter A. Mackereth

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 224

This is a unique textbook of reflexology for students undertaking a full or short course (either at diploma or degree level) in reflexology. The book will: critically review the origins and theories of reflexology; examine the therapeutic relationship and a model of working with patients using reflexology, in a health care setting; explore the therapeutic value of reflexology in terms of its diagnostic, treatment claims and contraindications; critically analyze the role of the reflexologist in relationship to the concepts of healing and holism; identify and discuss key ethical, professional & legal issues related to safeguarding the interest of patients receiving reflexology; and review the educational issues related to student programmes, and examine the value and methods of support and supervision for clinical practice. Review recent research and audit activity and discuss methodological issues in asking questions about the efficacy and safety of reflexology. Examine the key issues in the integration of reflexology practice and how to best meet the challenges of working with patients and their families in a healthcare context. Consider the key areas identified above in reflecting on providing reflexology within specified areas of clinical practice. These will be maternity, palliative care, acute and continuing care, learning difficulties and mental health.
38,20 36,29

Physical Therapy of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine

Ruth Grant

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 415

"Physical Therapy of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine" addresses physical therapists working with patients with neck and/or back pain-how to assess and how to treat these patients. The text covers anatomy, biomechanics and innervation in the first section, then presents examination and assessment of the patient and clinical management in the second and third sections of the text. "Physical Therapy of the Cervical and Thoracic Spine, Third Edition", has been written by contributors from many countries, such as Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the United States, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and the Netherlands. These authors include many leading names in physical therapy (e.g., David S. Butler, Robin A. McKenzie, and Shirley Sahrmann).
78,00 74,10

Community Paediatrics

Leon Polnay

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 640

The field of community paediatrics continues to change and grow in importance, as more care is given in the community and the impact of the environment and public health issues on children's health and welfare are recognised. Today, all trainees in paediatrics, nursing, health visiting and speech and occupational therapy must be familiar with the key issues in this field. This title provides a superb introduction to child health in the community for those with some experience of clinical paediatrics and is an excellent text for self-directed learning and examination preparation. Its emphasis is on the social and educational significance of paediatric problems, bringing together he latest research and guidelines in both the UK and other countries.
76,40 72,58

Surgical Pathology of the Nervous System and Its Coverings

Bernd W. Scheithauer, F. Stephen Vogel
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 672

The 4th Edition of this outstanding diagnostic reference provides up-to-date, illustrated descriptions of the pathological entities that affect the central and peripheral nervous system, including all of the major lesions encountered in surgical neuropathology. It focuses on the diagnostic and differential diagnostic criteria for neoplastic, inflammatory, and infectious diseases, and the correlation of the clinical, radiological, and pathological features of each disease process.
297,00 282,15

Medical Pharmacology

A Clinical Core Text for Integrated Curricula with Self Assessment

Peter Winstanley, Tom Walley

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 264

This series of books reflects the trend towards a core curriculum and self-directed learning. The content is restricted to the 'must know' core information presented in a synoptic style. The diagrams that support the text are in a style that the reader can remember and reproduce in examinations. Each chapter ends with a selection of self-assessment material and full explanatory answers. These consolidate and expand on the chapter contents. The series covers the entire curriculum in approximately twelve discipline-based volumes. This volume presents an integrated coverage of basic and clinical pharmacology.
28,65 27,22

Pocket Companion to Accompany "Obstetrics"

Normal and Problem Pregnancies

Jennifer R. Niebyl, Joe Leigh Simpson
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 864

This new resource condenses the most essential content from Gabbe, Niebyl Simpson's authoritative text, "Obstetrics: Normal Problem Pregnancies, 4th Edition" into an easy-to-read, pocket-sized format. The result is a practical, portable source of guidance on prenatal, intrapartum, and postpartum care as well as the management of the most important medical and surgical complications of pregnancy.
64,94 61,69

Diagnostic Pathology of Nervous System Tumours

David N. Louis, James S. Lowe
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 664

This book covers all neoplasms of the central and peripheral nervous systems and their immediate coverings, together with tumours of associated intracranial and spinal structures. Non-neoplastic space-occupying lesions, such as cysts, vascular malformations and infective lesions will also be included. The layout of chapters and topics will be orientated around practical diagnostic considerations. The revised WHO classification for CNS tumours are used throughout. Background information on diagnostic and investigative techniques in neuropathology make this an accessible book to all those interested in pathology and neuropathology; a knowledge of basic histopathology will be assumed throughout. Enough information will be included in each section to cater for the interests of clinicians and non-medical personnel working in the field of neuro-oncology. A consistency of structure and adequate cross-referencing and indexing as well as a wealth of illustrations, including line diagrams, photographs of macroscopic specimens, electron micrographs and immunoperoxidase preparations in addition to standard histology , make this text easily accessible. A problem-orientated approach to differential diagnosis makes this book likely to be a well used reference.
315,15 299,39

Endocrine Pathology

Sylvia L. Asa, Virginia A. LiVolsi

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 384

This full-colour benchside reference covers the complete spectrum of issues related to the pathology of endocrine glands and organs. Over 20 international experts bring superior coverage of the neoplastic and non-neoplastic diseases that affect the pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid, paraganglia and adrenal medulla, gastrointestinal tract, pancreas, and neuroendocrine lung. They also address endocrine active lesions of the ovary, testis, skin, and placenta.
286,50 272,18

Essential Chemistry for Safe Aromatherapy

Sue Clarke

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 252

This book provides a straightforward and accurate account of the key theoretical aspects of chemistry and its application into the safe practice of aromatherapy. For readers with a limited science background, this book offers a clear and concisely written guide to essential information in chemistry. For practitioners, the book applies chemistry to the practical and therapeutic use of essential oils, and leads to a better understanding of composition, properties and technical data related to essential oils.
32,48 30,86

Surface Anatomy

The Anatomical Basis of Clinical Examination

John S. P. Lumley

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 144

Now well established, this is a new edition of a highly illustrated colour textbook of approximately 240 colour photographs of male and female anatomy, with accompanying line drawings of deep structures. This is 'living anatomy' and is an invaluable guide for students wishing to correlate internal to surface anatomy. The line drawings also indicate common sites for injection of local anaesthetics, accessing of blood vessels and making incisions. The chapters are regionally organised and the text has an emphasis throughout on the clinical relevance of the anatomical detail.
30,00 28,50

Heart Transplantation

David C. McGiffin, James B. Young
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 883

The only truly comprehensive reference devoted to every aspect of cardiac transplantation not only covers the surgical procedures for donor and recipient but also explores the pre- and post-operative patient management, operative techniques, and non-surgical cardiac management options. Its coverage encompasses everything from historical and scientific foundations of transplantation through the cardiac conditions which lead to transplantation to the procedure and its possible results.
314,00 298,30

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