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Churchill Livingstone

Esophageal Surgery

Clement Hiebert, F. Griffith Pearson
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 990

This new second edition provides authoritative coverage of all surgical diseases of the esophagus (adult and pediatric), including hiatal hernia, gastroesophageal reflux, neuromuscular disorders, and cancer. For all types of disease, the reader will find clear "how-to-do-it" guidance on the full range of surgical techniques. Additional chapters offer focused background on anatomy, imaging, and laboratory testing of value to both trainees and practitioners in esophageal surgery. Contributing authors are internationally known experts, and each chapter concludes with commentary by one of the editors or another senior authority.
315,15 299,39


John A. Dent

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 304

This new edition is a one-volume core revision text covering orthopaedics, ENT and ophthalmology, designed to stimulate the student into assessing his/her own knowledge during self-directed learning and exam preparation. The book assumes the student has had some teaching in surgery and has acquired some basic core knowledge. The book promotes self-directed learning with motivation coming from self-identification of strengths and weaknesses leading to an assessment of needs. The structure of the book is as follows: division into the main sections: orthopaedics, ENT and ophthalmology a core text examining the main surgical diseases in a synoptic text. A self-assessment section at the end allows the student to assess the progress in the application of the facts to common clinical problems.
28,65 27,22


Michael Lavelle-Jones

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 248

This book is a one-volume core revision text covering general surgery and the minor surgical specialties, designed to stimulate the student into assessing his/her own knowledge during self-directed learning and exam preparation. The book assumes the student has had some teaching in surgery and has acquired some basic core knowledge. The book promotes self-directed learning with motivation coming from self-identification of strengths and weaknesses leading to an assessment of needs. The structure of the book is as follows: division into the main sections: general surgery, urology, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery and neurosurgery. This book is a core text examining the main surgical diseases in a synoptic text and a self-assessment section at the end allows the student to assess the progress in the application of the facts to common clinical problems.
28,65 27,22

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Breathing Pattern Disorders

Christopher Gilbert, Dinah Bradley
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 288

Functional breathing pattern disorders (BPD - the extreme of which is hyperventilation) disturb the biochemistry of the body, often leading to respiratory alkalosis. They are extremely common, mainly affecting women and frequently go unrecognized by clinicians. Research shows that BPDs can be responsible for causing, or helping to maintain, a vast range of symptoms including muscular pain (particularly involving the thorax and neck area), inefficient motor control, reduced core stability, tremors, and tetany, feelings of anxiety, easy fatiguability, sleep disturbances, dysphagia, epigastric pain, IBS, parasthesia, palpitations, dizziness, disturbed vision, and a variety of circulatory symptoms resulting from smooth muscle constriction. BPDs are easily tested for and - with patient cooperation - are commonly correctable via a combination of manual therapy and breathing rehabilitation strategies.
53,00 50,35

Textbook of medicine

Souhami, R. L. , Moxham, J.

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 1508

Provides a comprehensive account of clinical medicine incorporating the language and ideas of modern medical science. This book discusses clinical medicine in the context of the growth in our understanding of the mechanisms of disease. It is pitched at the level of the junior doctor in training.
84,00 50,40

Positional Release Techniques

Leon Chaitow

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 200

"Positional Release Techniques, 2nd Edition" provides comprehensive coverage of all methods of spontaneous release by positioning. The easy to follow text is extensively illustrated with two-colour line drawings.
72,00 68,40

Radiology of Skeletal Trauma

Lee F. Rogers

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 1340

Thoroughly updated and revised, the new edition of this classic 2-volume set offers a comprehensive description of the role of diagnostic imaging (including plain film, computed tomography, isotopic bone scanning, and magnetic resonance imaging) in the evaluation of skeletal injury. The 3rd edition includes the latest advances in the use of CT, especially helical CT, in the assessment of trauma to the skull, face, spine, pelvis, and various sites in the appendicular skeleton.
553,00 525,35

Manual of Hypertension

Alberto U. Ferrari, Giuseppe Mancia
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 736

This practical, quick-reference manual gives the reader clearly defined guidelines on how to treat hypertensive patients and associated diseases. It deals extensively with the various clinical aspects of hypertension in a well-illustrated, easy-to-read format. Expertly edited chapters streamline the authoritative contributions made by renowned physicians and researchers into one cohesive source. It will be a "bench book" on hypertension, in which its various aspects are dealt with from a clinical perspective. Careful attention will be paid to page design and to the use of graphical devices to optimise presentation and facilitate "navigation": the book will be easy to refer to and learn from.
118,00 112,10

Operative Pediatric Urology

Howard M. Snyder, J. David Frank
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 320

"Operative Pediatric Urology, 2E" is a practical, technique-orientated atlas that builds on the strengths of the critically acclaimed first edition. The book has been updated throughout, with 66 per cent of the previous edition's illustrations completely replaced. The book focuses firmly on operative technique, with a user-friendly, succinct text accompanying over 432 superb illustrations of the highest quality. Every chapter has been comprehensively updated, and many new procedures are covered. The book has been written and edited by the very best names in the field of pediatric urology, and represents a truly indispensable resource for the urologist, pediatric surgeon, and general surgeon.
191,00 181,45

Pathology of the Female Reproductive Tract

Malcolm C. Anderson, Peter Russell
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 952

Highly Commended - 2002 BMA Medical Book Competition Awards, this book is designed for the general histopathologist in training and in practice. It will include all of the conditions normally encountered in the female reproductive tract as well as short descriptions of rarer conditions. Aetiology, epidemiology, differential diagnoses (and diagnostic pitfalls), specimen handling as well as prognosis and management will all be covered in a concise style. The text is made accessible through the liberal use of summaries, algorithms, and tables. It is lavishly illustrated with top quality four colour figures.
324,00 307,80

Pediatric Anesthesia

George A. Gregory

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 1245

Here's the 4th edition of the reference the "New England Journal of Medicine" called "The gold standard". The completely revised and updated new edition of the field's definitive sourcebook offers today's most thorough, in-depth coverage of both the basic science and clinical practice of pediatric anesthesia in an easy-to-read format. An international team of specialists details all of the dramatic changes impacting our knowledge of pharmacology, physiology, and care. Dr. Gregory is one of the most eminent anesthesiologists in the world.
240,00 228,00

Turnbull's Obstetrics

Geoffrey Chamberlain, Philip J. Steer

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 880

Ideal for both the trainee and specialist obstetrician, this concise one-volume work is a comprehensive account of modern obstetrics. "Turnbull's Obstetrics 3rd Edition" builds on the solid reputation of the first two editions to provide a definitive account of all aspects of obstetrics in a text aimed primarily at specialist registrars and obstetricians in training worldwide. Written by the freshest, most energetic names on the international scene, with over 60 contributors from UK, Europe, and the Far East and a new member to the editorial team, Professor Philip Steer, this new edition provides chapters on every aspect of obstetric care and is a thoroughly up-to-date revision of this authoritative guide.
229,31 217,84

Handbook of Paediatric Investigations

David J. Field, John Stroobant

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 408

This is a practical guide to the investigations available for all paediatric disorders, with an emphasis on the routine tests that can be carried out based on the presenting symptoms. Organised by major body systems, the book provides answers to all the questions that arise when investigating a child, such as: 'How selective can I be with the application of tests?'; 'How do I do the test?'; and, 'What do the results mean?'. By providing practical and concise information, "The Handbook of Paediatric Investigations" will be an invaluable resource for all those involved in the decisions on the care of children.
57,33 54,46

Effective Management of Musculoskeletal Injury

A Clinical Ergonomics Approach to Prevention, Treatment, and Rehab

Andrew Wilson

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 232

In "Effective Management of Musculoskeletal Injury", the author presents a model for understanding musculoskeletal injuries. He describes the common types of musculoskeletal injury, and explores the contributory causes involved before detailing effective models for therapy and methods of management. "Effective Management of Musculoskeletal Injury" is research-based. It develops models for the management of musculoskeletal pain that include manual therapy, exercise, ergonomic and psychosocial interventions. Throughout the text particular attention is paid to pain resulting from cumulative and chronic types of injury. The book will be a valuable resource for all practitioners who deal with the management of musculoskeletal pain as part of their day to day practice.
51,13 48,57

Neurological Physiotherapy

A Problem-solving Approach

Susan Edwards

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 308

"Neurological Physiotherapy" aims to provide an improved understanding of problems commonly encountered by the therapist working with people with neurological disability. It describes aspects of posture and movement difficulties which may occur as a result of neurological damage and gives guidance to help the therapist to plan the appropriate treatment programme for each patient. Using a problem-solving approach the emphasis is on the identification of symptoms in relation to impairment and disability rather than on a detailed description of neurological conditions.
42,00 39,90

Evidence-based Health Care

How to Make Health Policy and Management Decisions

Muir Gray

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 480

This is a textbook on evidence based decision making for healthcare, medical and nurse managers. Recently the evidence based medicine movement has been one of the most important influences on medicine. It involves the basing of clinical decisions on the best available evidence from systematic research. This book explains how evidence based decision making can be applied to health policy and management decisions about groups of patients and populations, rather than decisions about the treatment of individuals. Its first edition was well reviewed and highly successful, and this new edition builds upon the success of the first.
50,10 47,60

Notes for the DRCOG

Jo Anthony, Peter Kaye

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 244

This is a concise textbook, written in notes style, of information covered in the DRCOG exam on obstetrics, gynaecology, sexually transmitted diseases, family planning and neonatology.
43,90 41,71

Textbook of Anaesthesia

A. R. Aitkenhead, David Rowbotham
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 844

This is a new edition of a very successful textbook aimed at residents taking the Fellowship examination of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and/or similar type exams. The examination has changed since the current edition was published moving from a three part exam to a two part one, with Part 1 now having a much greater basic science content. The new edition should consolidate the book's position as the dominant text for Part 1 of the FRCA. It is also highly suitable for exams such as the Diploma of Anaesthesiology of the European Academy of Aneaesthesiology.
100,00 95,00

Understanding the Placebo Effect in Complementary Medicine

Theory, Practice and Research

David Peters

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 200

The placebo elicits more passionate debate, scepticism and personal belief than almost any other aspect of medicine. As, yet there are no concrete answers - but many challenging observations and powerful effects occur daily in healthcare which need to be examined. This book will stimulate and inform every reader from the experienced practitioner to the new student who has ever asked, what is the placebo really, and why should it matter to me? Written in an accessible and engaging style with contributions from leading figures in healthcare, it tackles issues of the placebo effect in complementary medicine.
28,65 27,22

Cardiovascular Pathology

Avrum I. Gotlieb, Frederick R. Schoen
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 832

Here's the newly revised, updated, and streamlined edition of the only comprehensive text on the pathology of the cardiovascular system. Now a single volume, this New Edition is generously illustrated and emphasizes recent advances in molecular pathology and the most relevant clinicopathologic correlations. With more contributors and up-to-date references, this text is an invaluable resource for comprehensive, yet concise information on the clinical effects of diseases and their pathologic mechanisms.
401,00 380,95

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