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Breast Cancer Nursing Care and Management

Breast Cancer Nursing Care and Management
titolo Breast Cancer Nursing Care and Management
argomenti Medicina Senologia Chirurgia
Medicina Oncologia Oncologia ginecologica
editore Wiley-Blackwell (an imprint of John Wiley & Sons Ltd)
formato Libro
pagine 384
pubblicazione 2010
ISBN 9781405198660
41,00 38,95 (-5%)
"This book is an excellent resource for nurses working in either a hospital or primary care" - Breast Cancer Care News "This book would be really helpful to other breast cancer nurses and students about to embark on work in this field" - Journal of Community Nursin g This comprehensive handbook is for nurses and other healthcare professionals involved in the care of people with breast cancer. It gives up-to-date evidence-based information and practical advice on nursing care throughout diagnosis, treatment, recovery and end-of-life care. Each chapter is written by an expert in the field. Topics include the anatomy of the breast, available treatments, complementary therapies, the psychological care of patients and their families, and the role of the specialist nurse. This book provides a well-balanced approach to all aspects of managing breast malignancy. The importance of writing from a nursing perspective is underlined so that the essence of support and bedside care is maintained. This second edition includes: Updates on guidelines as well as references to recent trials and changes to the breast screening programme A new chapter on survivorship issues covering the long-term consequences and effects of recovering from breast cancer

Indice testuale

Preface. Foreword ( HRH The Prince of Wales ). Words of Encouragement for Nurses from Stella McCartney. Contributors. Acknowledgements. 1 An Overview of the Breast and Breast Cancer ( Elisabeth Grimsey ). 2 The Histopathology of Breast Cancer ( Helen E. Froyd and Victoria Harmer ). 3 Genetic Factors in Breast Cancer ( Audrey Ardern-Jones ). 4 Breast Screening ( Ann-Marie Fretwell (previous contribution by Linda Lee) ). 5 Surgery for Breast Cancer ( Victoria Harmer ). 6 Physiotherapy for Patients with Breast Cancer ( Helen Macleod and Pauline Koelling ). 7 Breast Reconstruction ( Nicola West ). 8 Chemotherapy as a Treatment for Breast Cancer ( Elaine Lennan (previous contribution by Joan Klein nee McCoy) ). 9 Radiotherapy as a Treatment for Breast Cancer ( Karen Burnet ). 10 Endocrine Treatment for Breast Cancer ( Deborah Fenlon and Kay Townsend ). 11 Lymphoedema and Breast Cancer ( Mary Woods ). 12 Fungating Wounds ( Victoria Harmer (previous contribution by Rachael King) ). 13 Advanced Disease ( Elizabeth Sumner ). 14 Complementary and Alternative Therapies ( Rosemary Lucey ). 15 Psychological Issues for the Patient with Breast Cancer ( Jane Rogers and Mary Turner ). 16 Survivorship Issues ( Carmel Sheppard ). 17 Specialist Nursing Roles: What Are the Challenges? ( Emma Pennery ). Index. Colour plate section.

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