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Logan Turner's Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear

Logan Turner's Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear
titolo Logan Turner's Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear
sottotitolo Head and Neck Surgery
argomenti Medicina Otorinolaringoiatria Chirurgia O.R.L.
Medicina Otorinolaringoiatria
editore Hodder Arnold
formato Libro
pagine 751
pubblicazione 2015
ISBN 9780340987322
80,00 76,00 (-5%)
First published over 100 years ago, Logan Turner's Diseases of the Nose, Throat and Ear: Head & Neck Surgery covers the whole of otolaryngology in 70 chapters. This classic textbook has been completely updated and expanded to reflect the increasing sophistication of diagnostic and management skills. All sub-specialities are covered with the content grouped into five major sections: * Rhinology * Head and Neck * Otology * Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology * Radiology Each chapter in this new edition includes key learning points, up-to-date references, and suggestions for further reading. The contributors are leaders in their respective fields - a virtual list of 'who's who' of British otolaryngology head & neck surgery. The book is essential reading for the practicing otolaryngologist, ENT specialists in training and those undertaking specialty examinations. General practitioners, doctors considering ENT as a career, and medical students will also find the book a valuable resource.

Indice testuale

THE NOSE Anatomy and Physiology Tawakir Kamani and Anshul Sama Investigation of Nasal Diseases Carl Philpott Epistaxis Thushitha Kunanandam and Brian Bingham Acute Rhinosinusitis and Its Complications Andrew C. Swift and Adam J. Donne Granulomatous Conditions of the Nose Joanne Rimmer and Valerie J. Lund Chronic Rhinosinusitis Robin Youngs The Blocked Nose Paul S White Allergic Rhinitis Martyn L. Barnes and Quentin Gardiner Facial Pain Nick S. Jones Nasal and Facial Trauma Peter D. Ross Facial Plastic Surgery Tim J. Woolford Pituitary Surgery John Hill and Sean Carrie Smell and Anosmia Emma McNeill and Sean Carrie Tumours of the Nose and Sinuses Kim W. Ah-See Specific Chronic Nasal Infections Salil Nair Snoring and OSA in Adults Bhik Kotecha THROAT/HEAD AND NECK Anatomy of the Larynx and Pharynx Richard M. Adamson and Safina Ali Investigation of Pharyngeal Disease Nimesh Patel Benign Disease of the Pharynx Stephen Ell Infections of the Pharynx Andrew Robson Investigations of Laryngeal Disease Meredydd Harries Infections of the Larynx Michael S. W. Lee Tumours of the Nasopharynx Nick D. Stafford Tumours of the Oropharynx Paul Pracy Tumours of the Hypopharynx Jean-Pierre Jeannon Tumours of the Oral Cavity Philip McLoughlin Tumours of the Larynx Kenneth McKenzie Salivary Gland Disease Patrick Bradley Thyroid Disease Omar J. Hilmi Benign Diseases of the Oral Cavity Graham R. Ogden Neck Space Infections Muhammad Shakeel and S. Musheer Hussain Disorders of Voice Samit Majumdar Vocal Cord Paralysis Conrad Timon and Emma C. Cashman Laryngo-Tracheal Trauma Andrew Harris and Sanjai Sood Tracheostomy John Dempster Neck Masses Vinidh Paleri and Hisham Mehanna Dysphagia Charles E. B .Giddings and Francis M. Vaz The Parathyroid Muhammad Shahed Quarishi EAR Anatomy and Physiology Liam M. Flood Tests for Hearing Desmond A. Nunez and Li Qi Tests for Balance Peter A. Rea and Jaswinder S. Sandhu Diseases of the External Ear Patrick M. Spielmann and S. Musheer Hussain Acute Otitis Media Aanand Acharya and Andrew Reid Chronic Otitis Media Joseph G. Toner Complications of Otitis Media Duncan Bowyer Otosclerosis David E. C. Baring and Iain R. C. Swan Sensorineural Hearing Loss David K. Selvadurai Tinnitus Julian A. Gaskin, Owen Judd and Henry Pau Disorders of Balance Rahul Kanegaonkar Cerebellopontine Angle Tumours Christopher J. Skilbeck and Shakeel R. Saeed Otological Trauma Nashreen Banon Oozeer and John Crowther The Facial Nerve Somiah Siddiq and Richard Irving Otitis Externa Simon A. McKean and S. Musheer Hussain Tumours of the Middle Ear Anil R. Banerjee Implants in Otology Mary Shanks and Peter Wardrop PAEDIATRICS Tonsils and Adenoids Peter J. Robb Acute Rhinosinusitis and Complications Mary-Louise Montague Stridor and Airway Endoscopy David Albert and Yogesh Bajaj Tracheostomy Ann-Louise McDermott and Joe Grainger Subglottic Stenosis Peter Bull and Neil Bateman Tumours and Cysts of the Head and Neck Fiona B. MacGregor The Deaf Child S. J. Prowse and Chris H. Raine Acute Otitis Media and Mastoiditis Gavin Morrison Otitis Media with Effusion Matt Rollin and Tony Narula Chronic Otitis Media Martin Bailey Balance Disorders in Children Katherine Harrop-Griffiths Choanal Atresia Haytham Kubba Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Ray Clarke Drooling S. Musheer Hussain and Muhammad Shakeel MISCELLANEOUS ENT Head and Neck Radiology Thiru Sudarshan

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