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Libri di Mario Sanna

Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants

Mario Sanna, Maurizio Falcioni
e altri

editore: Thieme Publishing Group

pagine: 400

This comprehensive, high-level surgical reference and atlas is tailored for surgeons who are undertaking training for cochlear implant procedures and implantable auditory devices and for experienced surgeons who would like to expand their knowledge, improve their skills and outcomes, and learn advanced surgical techniques. Following the principle underlying Professor Sanna's other successful publications, Surgery for Cochlear and Other Auditory Implants takes an integrated approach to anatomy, imaging, technology, decision making, surgical procedures described step by step, and clinical cases. This book allows readers to: * Improve the efficiency and outcomes of cochlear implantation and other auditory implant surgeries * Learn the required basic and advanced surgical techniques * Evaluate di erent surgical options and types of implants * Review common and uncommon variations of anatomy and malformations * Understand issues and surgical modifications unique to pediatric cochlear implantation, to revision surgery, and in postmeningitis, otosclerosis, and NF2 cases * Find decision-making algorithms for difficult pathologies * Examine common and not so common intraoperative dilemmas and identify strategies to resolve them * Review preoperative assessment and set up and outcomes * Find out about classification systems in cochlear implant failure, malformations, otosclerosis, and post meningitis Supplementing the 1200 images within the book are 15 outstanding videos available on Thieme's MediaCenter demonstrating the implantation of the di erent cochlear implantation devices that are currently available and the application of brainstem implants in these situations: tumor removal, malformation (missing auditory nerve in children), and cochlear ossification.
160,00 136,00

Atlas of Microsurgery of the Lateral Skull Base

Alessandra Russo, Essam Saleh
e altri

editore: Thieme Publishing Group

pagine: 408

Recent advances in skull base surgery are revolutionizing the field. Besides the critical location issue, the major problem in lateral skull base surgery is understanding the complex relations between the different structures of the region, requiring a deep knowledge of anatomy. Here is a new edition of the first full-color atlas to present a variety of step-by-step approaches to the temporal bone and lateral skull base. Each sequence is illustrated with vivid color of cadaver specimens (more than 350 in all) that show the extradural and intradural parts, including cerebral vessels and nerves. A unique demonstration of three-dimensional anatomy of the surgical field as seen by the surgeon adds to the realistic quality of the book. Indications, hints, and pitfalls, gained through the authors' actual clinical experience, complete this masterful work.
187,00 158,95

The Facial Nerve in Temporal Bone and Lateral Skull Base

Abdelkader Taibah, Alessandra Russo
e altri

editore: Thieme Publishing Group

pagine: 311

This lavishly illustrated atlas provides comprehensive coverage of the surgical management of facial nerve tumors and of the facial nerve in diseases affecting the temporal bone and lateral skull base. The surgical management and the different operative procedures involved are described step-by-step using full-color images of outstanding quality drawn from a collection of over 1700 cases of skull base surgery and 18000 case of middle ear surgery. The expert authors discuss the management of the facial nerve in various pathologies, the facial nerve in petrous bone cholesteatoma, the management of the facial nerve in vestibular schwannomas and meningiomas, and facial nerve management in glomus tumors, middle ear carcinomas, and with cochlear implants. Key features: -Opening chapters on facial nerve anatomy, radiology, operating room set-up, and intraoperative facial nerve monitoring, representing the knowledge needed before considering surgery -Chapters on facial nerve repair and reanimation, and comprehensive coverage of tumors of the facial nerve
159,95 135,96

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