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Diabetes Care

Diabetes Care
titolo Diabetes Care
sottotitolo A Practical Manual
argomento Medicina Endocrinologia e metabolismo Diabetologia
editore Oxford University Press
formato Libro
pagine 496
pubblicazione 2015
ISBN 9780198705635
34,00 32,30 (-5%)
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Diabetes is common, chronic, complicated, and costly both to the patient and to the state. It causes distress, disability, and premature death. Most diabetes complications can be prevented or reduced. Diabetes Care Second Edition is a concise and easy-to-read reference source for all aspects of care in the management and understanding of diabetes. This pocketbook provides a step-by-step guide to diabetes care for doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals working in primary, community, and secondary care, particularly general practitioners, practice nurses, diabetes specialist nurses, junior hospital doctors, ward nurses, and pharmacists. The author draws on practical experience taking a common-sense approach to the assessment, education, monitoring, and treatment of diabetes across all age groups and ethnic backgrounds. There are detailed sections on helping patients manage their diabetes in everyday life, extensive advice on the monitoring and adjustment of glucose levels, and discussion on the preventing and coping with emergencies. Focus is primarily on the prevention, detection, and treatment of diabetic tissue damage, including heart disease. The new edition of Diabetes Care - a Practical Manual provides up-to-date guidance on managing diabetic emergencies including hypoglycaemia and diabetic ketoacidosis, and new advice about diabetes care in A&E and the hospital setting. There is also an expanded section on using data and audit to review and improve care.


Indice testuale

1. Is it diabetes? ; 2. Assessing a person with diabetes ; 3. The aims of diabetes care ; 4. Diabetes education ; 5. Healthy eating and drinking (including management of obesity) ; 6. Urine testing ; 7. Blood glucose and ketone testing ; 8. Non-insulin medications ; 9. Insulin ; 10. Low blood glucose: hypoglycaemia ; 11. High blood glucose: hyperglycaemia ; 12. Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) and hyperosmolar hyperglycaemic states (HHS) ; 13. Exercise ; 14. Diabetic tissue damage ; 15. Diabetic foot problems ; 16. Diabetes in young people ; 17. Diabetes in women ; 18. Diabetes in men ; 19. Older people with diabetes ; 20. Diabetes in different ethnic groups ; 21. Work ; 22. Travel ; 23. Psychological and social aspects of diabetes ; 24. Diabetes care in hospital ; 25. Local diabetes care ; 26. Links

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