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Strength and Power in Sport

Strength and Power in Sport
titolo Strength and Power in Sport
argomenti Medicina Medicina dello sport Fisiologia dello sport
Medicina Medicina dello sport
editore Blackwell Science Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 544
pubblicazione 2002
ISBN 9780632059119
135,00 128,25 (-5%)
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The second edition of this broadly based book continues to examine and update the basic and applied aspects of strength and power in sport from the neurophysiology of the basic motor unit to training for specific activities. Authorship is, again, international and includes leading physiologists and clinicians.

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List of Contributors. Preface. Units of Measurement and Terminology. Part 1: Definitions. 1 Basic Definitions for Exercise. H.G. KNUTTGEN AND P.V. KOMI. . Part 2: Biological Basis for Strength and Power. 2 Neuronal control of functional movement. VOLKER DIETZ. 3 Motor Unit and Motor Neuron Excitability during Explosive Movement. TOSHIO MORITANI. 4 Muscular Basis of Strength. R. BILLETER AND H. HOPPELER. 5 Hormonal Mechanisms Related to the Expression of Muscular Strength and Power. WILLIAM J. KRAEMER AND SCOTT A. MAZZETTI. 6 Exercise--related Adaptations in Connective Tissue. RONALD F. ZERNICKE AND BARBARA LOITZ--RAMAGE. 7 Contractile Performance of Skeletal Muscle Fibres. K.A. PAUL EDMAN. 8 Skeletal Muscle and Motor Unit Architecture: Effect on Performance. RONALD R. ROY, RYAN J. MONTI, ALEX LAI AND V. REGGIE EDGERTON. 9 Mechanical Muscle Models and Their Application to Force and Power Production. WALTER HERZOG. 10 Stretch--shortening Cyle. PAAVO V. KOMI. 11 Stretch--shortening Cycle Fatigue and its Influence on Force and Power Production. CAROLINE NICOL AND PAAVO. V. KOMI. . Part 3: Mechanism for Adaptation in Strength and Power Training. 12 Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Adaptation in Skeletal Muscle. GEOFFREY GOLDSPINK AND STEPHEN HARRIDGE. 13 Hypertrophy and Hyperplasia. J. DUNCAN MACDOUGALL. 14 Acute and Chronic Muscle Metabolic Adaptations to Strength Training. PER A. TESCH AND BJORN A. ALKNER. 15 Neural Adaptation to Strength Training. DIGBY G. SALE. 16 Mechanism of Muscle and Motor Unit Adaptation to Explosive Power Training. JACQUES DUCHATEAU AND KARL HAINAUT. 17 Proprocetive Training: Considerations for Strength and Power Production. ALBERT GOLLHOFER. 18 Connective Tissue and Bone Response to Strength Training. MICHAEL H. STONE AND CHRISTINA KARATZAFERI. 19 Endocrine Responses and Adaptations to Strength and Power Training. WILLIAM KRAEMER AND NICHOLASS A. RATAMESS. 20 Cardiovascular Responses to Training. STEVEN J. FLECK. . Part 4: Special Problems in Strength and Power Training. 21 Aging and Neuromuscular Adaptation to Strength Training. KEIJO HAKKINEN. 22 Use of Electrical Stimulation in Strength and Power Training. GARY A. DUDLEY AND SCOTT W. STEVENSON. Part 5: Strength and Power Training for Sports. 23 Biomechanics of Strength and Strength Training. VLADIMIR M. ZATSIORSKY. 24 Vibration Loads: Potential for Strength and Power Development. JOACHIM MESTER P.(?) SPITZENPFEIL AND ZENGYOUAN YUE. 25 Training for Weightlifting. JOHN GARHAMMER AND BOB TAKANO

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