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Fetal Cardiology

Fetal Cardiology
titolo Fetal Cardiology
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Ostetricia Diagnosi prenatale
Medicina Ostetricia Medicina fetale
editore Oxford University Press
formato Libro
pagine 368
pubblicazione 2009
ISBN 9780199230709
45,00 42,75 (-5%)
Fetal cardiac assessment is a central part of managing many kinds of high risk pregnancies.There are relatively few full time fetal cardiologists, and as a result diagnosis and management of fetal cardiac disease continues to involve considerable input from a variety of professionals, who need easy access to succinct, up-to-date information on fetal cardiac anatomy, rhythm and function. This handbook provides clinically relevant guidance in an easily-accessible and practical format which is idea for day-to-day use in the clinic. Written by authors with backgrounds in fetal diagnostic ultrasound and in paediatric cardiology, the handbook is structured according to presentation, allowing each fetal cardiac problem to be easily recognised and an outline approach identified to aid immediate decision making and patient counselling. The book is fully illustrated with high quality illustrations demonstrating echo findings.

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1. The normal heart ; 2. Aetiology of structural congenital heart disease ; 3. Indications for a fetal echocardiography ; 4. History and examination ; 5. Fetal echocardiography ; 6. Structural anomalies ; 7. Left sided anomalies ; 8. Right sided anomalies ; 9. Septal anomalies ; 10. Atrioventricular anomalies ; 11. Abnormal ventriculo-arterial connections ; 12. Cardiac position ; 13. Fetal cardiac rhythm ; 14. Cardiac function ; 15. Heart muscle disease ; 16. Abnormalities at a glance ; 17. Other investigations ; 18. Cardiac tumours ; 19. Nuchal translucency and the heart ; 20. Fetal hydrops and the heart ; 21. Twins and the heart ; 22. The heart in the sick fetus ; 23. Management of fetal structural cardiac disease in pregnancy ; 24. Postnatal evaluation ; 25. Conclusion

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