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titolo Osteoarthritis
sottotitolo Pathogenesis, Diagnosis, Available Treatments, Drug Safety, Regenerative and Precision Medicine
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Reumatologia Artrosi e artriti
Medicina Reumatologia
editore Adis
formato Libro
pagine 278
pubblicazione 2015
ISBN 9783319195599

This comprehensive book grants readers exclusive insight into current advancements in the field of osteoarthritis (OA). Contributions from leading scientists and clinicians provide a detailed introduction into current understanding of the pathogenesis of OA, different joint structures affected by this debilitating disease (hip, knee, elbow, shoulder, foot, ankle, hand, wrist, and spine), current knowledge and practice in imaging, joint conservative strategies, OA biomarkers as well as currently available treatments, their safety profile and future therapeutic targets. This book further discusses the potential of regenerative therapies and recent advances in OA Personalized Medicine, and how collection of OA patient's phenotypic, genetic and proteomic data is able to direct treatment strategies through Bio-Informatics.


Indice testuale

1. Pathogenesis of Osteoarthritis.- 2. Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis.- 3. Shoulder and Elbow Osteoarthritis.- 4. Lumbar Spine Osteoarthritis.- 5. Ankle Arthritis.- 6. Hand and Wrist Osteoarthritis.- 7. Imaging in Osteoarthritis.- 8. Osteoarthritis - Joint Conservation Strategies.- 9. Osteoarthritis Biomarkers.- 10. Drug/Agent Treatments for Osteoarthritis- Present and Future.- 11. Safety Profile of Current OA Therapies: Evidence from Clinical Trials.- 12. Regenerative Medicine Approaches for Treatment of Osteoarthritis.- 13. Precision Medicine for Osteoarthritis.

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