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titolo Abdominal
sottotitolo Top 100 Diagnoses
argomenti Medicina Radiologia Radiologia fegato, pancreas, vie biliari
Medicina Radiologia
editore Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 320
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9780721600314
67,00 63,65 (-5%)
Each title in the "PocketRadiologist" series provides you with the 100 most important diagnoses in a particular radiological speciality. For each diagnosis, you'll find 2 crisply reproduced images, plus consistent, bulleted summaries of: key facts, imaging, findings, differential diagnosis, clinical issues, pathological features and references.This unique organisation makes it remarkably easy to accurately and rapidly confirm or rule out a diagnosis! And all of the "PocketRadiologist" titles are available as soft cover, pocket-sized books or as Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) software to meet you preferred reference style! It features: high resolution images - multimodality, imaging, vibrant colour graphics and crisp black and white images; facts - bulleted text most essential information; imaging findings - general findings, imaging details of each relevant modality, and standard and advanced imaging recommendations; differential diagnosis - differential list with brief descriptions and useful guidance to alternatives; pathology findings - gross, microscopic etiology and epidemiology genetics; clinical issues - presentation, natural history prognosis and treatment options; and, selected references.

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