The Immune Response Basic and Clinical Principles (Incluso CD-ROM) - Mak, T.W. / Saunders, M.E. - Academic Press - Immunologia :
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The Immune Response

The Immune Response
titolo The Immune Response
sottotitolo Basic and Clinical Principles
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Immunologia Immunologia clinica
Medicina Immunologia
editore Academic Press Inc
formato Libro
pagine 1216
pubblicazione 2005
ISBN 9780120884513
127,00 120,65 (-5%)
"The Immune Response" is a unique reference work covering the basic and clinical principles of immunology in a modern and comprehensive fashion. Written in an engaging conversational style, the book conveys the broad scope and fascinating appeal of immunology. The book is beautifully illustrated with superb figures as well as many full color plates. This extraordinary work will be an invaluable resource for lecturers and graduate students in immunology, as well as a vital reference for research scientists and clinicians studying related areas in the life and medical sciences. It is a current and thorough 30 chapter reference reviewed by luminaries in the field. A unique single voice ensures consistency of definitions and concepts and presents a comprehensive and elegant illustrations which bring key concepts to life. It provides historical context to allow fuller understanding of key issues. The introductory chapters 1-4 serve as an Immunology Primer before topics are discussed in more detail. It includes a CD-ROM containing all the figures and plates appearing in the book.

Indice testuale

BASIC IMMUNOLOGY Perspective on Immunity Introduction to the Immune Response Cells and Tissues of the Immune Response Innate Immunity B Cell Receptor Structure and Effector Function Antigen-Antibody Interaction Exploiting Antigen-Antibody Interaction The Immunoglobulin Genes The Humoral Response: B Cell Development and Activation The Major Histocompatibility Complex Antigen Processing and Presentation T Cell Receptor: Structure of its Proteins and Genes T Cell Development T Cell Activation T cell differentiation and effector function Immune Tolerance in the Periphery Cytokines and their Receptors Bridging Innate and Specific Immunity: NK, gd T and NKT cells Complement Mucosal and Cutaneous Immunity Comparative Immunology CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY Immunity to Pathogens Vaccines and Clinical Immunization Primary Immunodeficiencies HIV and Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Tumor Immunology Transplantation Allergy and Hypersensitivity Autoimmune Disease Glossary Appendices Index Abbreviations

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