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Imaging in Drug Discovery and Early Clinical Trials

Imaging in Drug Discovery and Early Clinical Trials
titolo Imaging in Drug Discovery and Early Clinical Trials
argomenti Medicina Radiologia Diagnostica radiologica
Medicina Farmacologia
editore Birkhauser Verlag AG
formato Libro
pagine 402
pubblicazione 2006
ISBN 9783764377809
50,00 47,50 (-5%)
This monograph examines the contribution of imaging modalities to the stages of drug discovery and development, from early target validation to their use in clinical development programs. Chapters are devoted to the description of the drug discovery process, to the various imaging modalities preclinically and clinically, to applications of imaging during the optimization of a lead compound, addressing issues such as bioavailability and efficacy, and during drug safety evaluation.

Indice testuale

The drug discovery process.- Imaging modalities: principles and information content.- Magnetic resonance and fluorescence based molecular imaging technologies.- Studying molecular and cellular processes in the intact organism.- Disease phenotyping: structural and functional readouts.- Evaluation of drug candidates: Efficacy readouts during lead optimization.- Risk identification and management: MRI as a research tool in toxicology studies of new chemical entities.- Pharmacokinetic studies with PET.- Imaging bio-markers predictive of disease/therapy outcome: ischemic stroke and drug development.- Clinical drug evaluation using imaging readouts: regulatory perspectives.

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