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Dystonia 4

Dystonia 4
titolo Dystonia 4
autori , ,
editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
formato Libro
pagine 312
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9780781746007
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Written by leading international experts in all relevant clinical and basic science disciplines, "Dystonia 4" is a state-of-the-art review of recent progress in the understanding and treatment of the dystonias. It provides a comprehensive update on the many breakthroughs that have occurred in the five years since the highly acclaimed "Dystonia 3" was published. The therapeutics section features detailed discussions on botulinum toxin treatment and current surgical procedures. The book also includes a major section on recent advances in understanding the genetics of the dystonias. Other sections focus on pathophysiology, Oppenheim's dystonia, PET and biochemical studies, and musician's and other focal dystonias.

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PREFACE: Introductory Remarks CHAPTER 1: Dystonia: Abnormal Movements Result from Loss of Inhibition CHAPTER 2: Sensory Deficits in Dystonia and Their Significance CHAPTER 3: Focal Hand Dystonia May Result from Aberrant Neuoplasticity CHAPTER 4: Basal Ganglia Neuronal Discharge in Primary and Secondary Dystonia CHAPTER 5: Distribution of Impairment of Cortical Inhibitory Mechanisms in Focal Dystonia: A Study of Silent Period Evoked by Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation CHAPTER 6: Lasting Supression of the Premotor Cortical Overactivity in Arm Dystoniaa CHAPTER 7: Biochemistry of Oppenheim's Dystonia CHAPTER 8: Biochemistry of TorsinA and AAA+ Proteins CHAPTER 9: Distribution of TorsinA in the Developmental and Adult Rat Brain CHAPTER 10: Animal Models CHAPTER 11: A Transgenic Mouse Model for DYT1 Dystonia CHAPTER 12: Dominant TorsinA Mutations in Cellular Systems CHAPTER 13: In vivo Suppression of Protein Aggregation by a C. elegans Torsin Homologue CHAPTER 14: TorsinA in PC12 Cells: Localization in the Endoplasmic Reticulum and Response to Stress CHAPTER 15: An Epidemiological Survey of Dystonia (ESD) within the Entire Population of Northeast England Over the Last 9 Years CHAPTER 16: Genetics of Torsin Dystonia: Classification and Clinical Features CHAPTER 17: Genetics of DYT 6, 7, and 12 CHAPTER 18: Myoclonus-dystonia Syndrome CHAPTER 19: Non-dystonic Features of Dystonia CHAPTER 20: DYT5 (Dopa-Responsive Dystonia) CHAPTER 21: DYT3 (lubag) CHAPTER 22: Two Forms of Focal Dystonia are Associated with Polymorphisms in the Dopamine 5 Receptor Gene CHAPTER 23: Evaluation of GRIK5 (KA2) as a Candidate Gene for Rapid-Onset Dystonia-Parkinsonism (RDP, DYT12) CHAPTER 24: Abnormalities of Brain Function in Non-manifesting DYT1 Carriers CHAPTER 25: Dysfunction of Dopaminergic Pathways in Dystonia CHAPTER 26: Functional Anatomy and Pharmacology of Animal Models of Dystonia CHAPTER 27: Sporadic and Familial Primary Torsion Dystonia (PTD) Cases in Italy CHAPTER 28: Development of a Cell-based Assay to Screen Compounds for Resolution of Mutant TorsinA Aggregates CHAPTER 29: Cognition and Affect in Patients with Cervical Dystonia and Tremor CHAPTER 30: Clinical Features of the Geste Antagoniste in Cervical Dystonia CHAPTER 31: Cognitive Executive Function in Idiopathic Dystonia CHAPTER 32: Analysis of the Duration of Botulinum Toxin Type B (Myobloc) in Patients with Cervical Dystonia CHAPTER 33: Is Phenotypic Variation of Hereditary Progressive Dystonia with Marked Diurnal Fluctuation/Dopa-responsive Dystonia (HPD/DRD) Caused by Difference of the Locus of Mutation on the GTP Cyclohydorolase 1 (GCH-1) Gene? CHAPTER 34: Focal Task-Specific Dystonia in Musicians: Historical Background and Phenomenology CHAPTER 35: Brain Mapping in Musician's Dystonia CHAPTER 36: Therapy of Muscian's Dystonia CHAPTER 37: Immobilization Treatment of Focal Dystonia CHAPTER 38: A Review of 111 Musicians with Focal Dystonia Seen at a Performing Artist's Clinic 1985-2002 CHAPTER 39: T

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