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Positional Release Techniques

Positional Release Techniques
titolo Positional Release Techniques
sottotitolo Includes Access to WWW.Chaitowpositionalrelease.com
argomenti Medicina Terapia fisica e riabilitazione Massoterapia e terapie manuali
Medicina Osteopatia e Tecniche di manipolazione
Medicina Terapia fisica e riabilitazione
editore Churchill Livingstone
formato Libro
pagine 272
pubblicazione 2015
ISBN 9780702051111
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Positional Release Techniques continues to be the go-to resource for those who want to easily learn and confidently use this manual approach to safely manage pain and dysfunction in humans (and animals). As well as a structural revision, the fourth edition now includes new illustrations and chapters with videos and an image bank on a companion website to reinforce knowledge. At its core, the book explores the principles and modalities of the different forms of positional release techniques and their application which range from the original strain/counterstrain method to various applications in physical therapy, such as McKenzie's exercise protocols and kinesio-taping methods that 'unload' tissues. These methods are traced from their historical roots up to their current practice with a showcase of emerging research and evidence. In addition to a series of problem-solving clinical descriptions supported by photos of assessment and treatment methods, learning is further boosted by practical exercises which examine PRT methodology and the mechanics of their use.

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Contributors Foreword Preface to the third edtion Preface Acknowledgements Abbreviations 1. Spontaneous release by positioning 2. Somatic dysfunction and positional release 3. Strain/counterstrain research Christopher Kevin Wong 4. Counterstrain models of positional release 5. Functional and facilitated positional release approaches, including cranial methods 6. Positional release methods in special situations 7. Positional release and fascia 8. Balanced ligamentous tension techniques Raymond J. Hruby 9. Visceral positional release: the counterstrain model Edward Goering 10. Overview of the McKenzie method Anthony J. Lisi 11. 'Offloading' taping to reduce pain and facilitate movement Dylan Morrissey 12. Application of positional techniques in the treatment of animals J. Brooks and ?A. G. Pusey

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