Contemporary therapy in obstetrics and gynecology - Ransom, A. / Dombrowski, P. / Evans, T. / Ginsburg, F. - Saunders - Ostetric
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Contemporary Therapy in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Contemporary Therapy in Obstetrics and Gynecology
titolo Contemporary Therapy in Obstetrics and Gynecology
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argomenti Medicina Ostetricia Terapia
Medicina Ginecologia Terapia ginecologica
Medicina Ginecologia
Medicina Ostetricia
editore Saunders (W.B.) Co Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 558
pubblicazione 2002
ISBN 9780721692869
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Keeping current with the latest developments in obstetrics and gynecology is essential to medical practice and the welfare of patients. This must-have resource provides an up-to-date examination of the key issues related to obstetrics and gynecology. With this single source, readers can access the most current, reliable information on all relevant topics, written by leading clinicians and researchers in the field. Its wide scope encompasses all subspecialties within obstetrics and gynecology, as well as primary care issues in women's health. An additional section discusses clinical effectiveness, including clinical pathways, outcomes measurement, decision support, coding, and medicolegal issues.

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*Walking During Labor: Myths and Realities *Tests for Preterm Labor *Management of HIV in Pregnancy *The Fetal Inflammatory Response Syndrome *Implications of Bacterial Vaginosis in Obstetrics *Controversies Involving Antenatal Corticosteroids *Rescue Cerclage for the Incompetent Cervix *Acute Therapy for Preterm Labor *Management of Isolated Oligohydramnios *Severe Prematurity: Implications and Counseling *P Management of Preeclampsia *Shoulder Dystocia *Recently Described Hereditary Thrombophilias and Obstetric Outcome *Vaccines in Pregnancy *VBAC: A Reevaluation *Update in Red Cell Isoimmunization *Pregnancy and Medical Complications of Diabetes *Operative Vaginal Delivery *Issues in Cervical Ripening/Labor Induction *Exercise in Pregnancy *Thrombocytopenia *Management of Asthma in Pregnancy *Thyroid Disorders in Pregnancy *Fetal Lung Maturity Testing *Magnesium Sulfate as Fetal Therapy *Management of Epilepsy *Herpes Infections in Pregnancy *Maintenance Therapy Following Successful Arrest of Preterm Labor *Trauma in Pregnancy *Peri-Partum Pulmonary Edema *Medication Use During Pregnancy *Anticoagulation *Prevention of Group B Streptococcal Disease *Adolescent Pregnancy *Unintended Pregnancy *Selective Arterial Embolization in the Management of Obstetric Hemorrhage *Diagnosis and Management of Premature Rupture of the Membrane *Immunization *Postpartum Endometritis *Management of Antiphospholipid Syndrome *Induction of Ovulation *Family Decision-Making in Perinatal Genetics *Ultrasound in Pregnancy Routine or by Indication *Fetal Macrosomia: Antenatal Diagnosis and Management *Invasive Procedure for Prenatal Diagnosis *New Genetics Concepts *Principles of Screening *1st Trimester Screening *2nd Trimester Screening *Teratology *Universal Ultrasound *Cervical Length *Preimplantation Diagnosis *Doppler *Gene Therapy Update *Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction *Sociology of Prenatal Diagnosis *Multifetal Pregnancy Reduction: Psychosocial and Family Issues *Molecular Tests *SERMs in the Long-Term Management of Postmenopausal Women *Alternatives of HRT for Menopausal Women *Current Issues in Premenstrual Syndrome *The Use of Facial Grafts *Contemporary Management of Ectopic Pregnancy *Alternatives to Conventional HRT *Prevention and Management of Adhesions *New Methods of Giving Progesterone: Are they better? *Advances in Surgical Technology *Obstetric and Gynecologic Infections *Adolescent Eating Disorders *Breast Disease *Urinary Tract Infection in Pregnancy *Contraceptive and Non-Contraceptive Health Benefits of Oral Contraceptives: An Update *Evaluation and Treatment of Anal Incontinence *Emergent Postcoital Contraception *New Advances in Management of Endometriosis *Contemporary Management of Leiomyomata *HRT in Breast Cancer Survivors *Management of Intraoperative Gynecologic Emergencies *Alternatives to Hysterectomy for Abnormal Uterine Bleeding *Complications of Hysteroscopy: Prevention, Recognition and Management *Substance Abuse in Pregnancy *Management of Iatrogenic Bleeding in Postmenopausal Women *Screening for Ovarian Cancer *Recent Advances in the Treatment of Vulvovaginal Candidiasis *Update on Endometrial Ablation and Related Techniques *Guidelines for Determining the Route of Hysterectomy *Non-Surgical Treatments for Urinary Tract Incontinence *A Contemporary Evaluation and Conservative Management of Incontinence *Medical Therapy of Incontinence and Surgical Therapy of Incontinence *Periurethral Injectables *Office Evaluation of Urinary Incontinence *Perinatal Outcomes After Assisted Reproductive Technologies *Diabetes Mellitus *Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators *Efficient and Effective Evaluation of Infertility *Progesterone in Infertility *Male Infertility: Interpreting the Semen Analysis *Tubal Surgery vs IVF: Where do we draw the line? *Unexplained Infertility: Management Options *Laparoscopic Management of the Adnexal Mass *Current Management of Ovarian Cancer *What's New in the Management of Gestational Trophoblastic Disease *HPV and Genital Neoplasia *HIV and AIDS in Cervical Neoplasia *Premalignant Diseases of the Vulva and Vagina *LEEP *Coding In Ob/Gyn *Current Legislation Effecting OB/GYN Practice *Applying Evidence Based Medicine to Ob/Gyn Practice *The History, Impact and Future of the Medicare Fee Schedule *What Are Employer/Payors Looking at in Ob/Gyn Practice *Cost-Benefit and Decision Making Analyses in Obstetrics and Gynecology *How to Give a Deposition *Medical Legal Risk Management in Obstetrics *Legal Issues in Infertility Therapy

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