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Physical Rehabilitation for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

Physical Rehabilitation for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses
titolo Physical Rehabilitation for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses
autori ,
argomento Veterinaria Riabilitazione
editore John Wiley & Sons Inc
formato Libro
pagine 440
pubblicazione 2017
ISBN 9781119017356
90,00 76,50
Risparmi: € 13,50

Physical Rehabilitation for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses provides a comprehensive, illustrated guide to all practical aspects of veterinary physical rehabilitation for veterinary technicians and nurses.

Provides a comprehensive introduction to physical rehabilitation for veterinary technicians and nurses

Offers a thorough grounding in the knowledge and skills needed to become a valued member of a veterinary rehabilitation team

Features contributions from leading practitioners from across the United States sharing their knowledge and expertise on all aspects of veterinary physical rehabilitation

Presents practical tips, tricks and advice to meet common challenges faced by rehabilitation technicians

Covers pain management, hands-on therapy, therapeutic exercises, patient motivation, troubleshooting, and more


Indice testuale

List of Contributors vii 1 Introduction to Physical Rehabilitation for Veterinary Technicians/Nurses 1Mary Ellen Goldberg 2 Joining a Rehabilitation Team 11Julia E. Tomlinson 3 The Veterinary Technician and Rehabilitation Pain Management 26Mary Ellen Goldberg 4 Communicating the Treatment Plan 49Tracy A. Darling and Cynthia M. Otto 5 Manual Therapy Treatment 59Judy Coates 6 Home Exercises 79Abby Rafferty and Jacqueline R. Davidson 7 Supporting the Client and Patient 95Robin Downing and Mary Ellen Goldberg 8 Nutritional Counseling 109Kara M. Burns 9 Motivating Your Patient 127Megan Nelson and Julia E. Tomlinson 10 The Disabled Patient Part 1: Assistive Devices and Technology 145Mary Ellen Goldberg and Julia E. Tomlinson 11 The Disabled Patient Part 2: The Neurological Patient 163Stephanie Kube and Mary Ellen Goldberg 12 The Disabled Patient Part 3: Special Considerations for Geriatrics 187Mary Ellen Goldberg and Julia E. Tomlinson 13 The Disabled Patient Part 4: Home Nursing Care 205Julia E. Tomlinson and Elizabeth E. Waalk 14 Modalities Part 1: Thermotherapy 218Julia E. Tomlinson and Mary Ellen Goldberg 15 Modalities Part 2: Laser Therapy 231Kristin Kirkby Sha and Liz Brown 16 Modalities Part 3: Electrotherapy and Electromagnetic Therapy 241Shari Sprague and Mary Ellen Goldberg 17 Modalities Part 4: Therapeutic Ultrasound 262Carolina Medina and Wendy Davies 18 Modalities Part 5: Shockwave Therapy 273Douglas Stramel and Angela Stramel 19 Therapeutic Exercises Part 1: Land Exercises 286Janice L. Huntingford and Jessy Bale 20 Therapeutic Exercises Part 2: Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Therapy) 308Padraig Egan and Noel Fitzpatrick 21 Troubleshooting as a Team 329Amie Hesbach, Julia E. Tomlinson, and Erin White 22 Equine Rehabilitation 347Steve Adair and Dawn Phillips 23 Adjunctive Therapies Part 1: Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine 377Carolina Medina and Mary Ellen Goldberg 24 Adjunctive Therapies Part 2: Veterinary Chiropractic 390Robin Downing 25 Adjunctive Therapies Part 3: Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy 398Douglas Stramel Index 408

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