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Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician

Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician
titolo Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician
argomenti Medicina Radiologia Radiologia d'urgenza
Medicina Medicina nucleare
editore Saunders
formato Libro
pagine 896
pubblicazione 2011
ISBN 9781416061137
105,00 99,75 (-5%)
Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician, written and edited by a practicing emergency physician for emergency physicians, takes a step-by-step approach to the selection and interpretation of commonly ordered diagnostic imaging tests. Dr. Joshua Broder presents validated clinical decision rules, describes time-efficient approaches for the emergency physician to identify critical radiographic findings that impact clinical management and discusses hot topics such as radiation risks, oral and IV contrast in abdominal CT, MRI versus CT for occult hip injury, and more. Diagnostic Imaging for the Emergency Physician was awarded a 2011 Prose Award for Excellence for the best new publication in Clinical Medicine.

Indice testuale

1. Imaging the Head and Brain 2. Imaging the Face 3. Imaging the Cervical, Thoracic, and Lumbar Spine 4. Imaging Soft Tissues of the Neck 5. Imaging the Chest: The Chest Radiograph 6. Imaging Chest Trauma 7. Imaging of Pulmonary Embolism and Nontraumatic Aortic Pathology 8. Cardiac Computed Tomography (abstract for online chapter) 9. Imaging of Nontraumatic Abdominal Conditions 10. Imaging Abdominal and Flank Trauma Vascular Catastrophes 12. Imaging the Genitourinary Tract 13. Imaging of the Pelvis and Hip 14. Imaging the Extremities 15. Emergency Department Applications of Musculoskeletal Magnetic Resonance Imaging: An Evidence-Based Assessment (abstract for online chapter) Imaging": Image-Guided Therapies in Emergency Medicine (abstract for online chapter)

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