Osteoarthritis - Moskowitz, R.W. / Altman, R.D. / Ochberg, M.C. / Buckwalter, J.A. / Goldberg, V.M. - Lippincott Williams & Wilk
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titolo Osteoarthritis
sottotitolo Diagnosis and Medical/surgical Management
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argomenti Medicina Reumatologia Artrosi e artriti
Medicina Reumatologia
editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
formato Libro
pagine 528
pubblicazione 2006
ISBN 9780781767071
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Written by the foremost experts, this text is a comprehensive clinical reference on osteoarthritis. Chapters review current information on the epidemiology, etiopathogenesis, and pathology of osteoarthritis, the biochemistry and molecular and cell biology of articular cartilage, and experimental models of osteoarthritis. Major sections focus on clinical presentations, roentgenologic and laboratory diagnosis, and treatment, including pharmacologic treatment, intra-articular therapy, surgery, arthroscopy, and complementary and alternative medicine. The authors discuss the indications, outcomes, and complications of various orthopaedic procedures. Chapters present orthopaedic approaches to osteoarthritis of various joints--the shoulder, hand, wrist, elbow, hip, knee, foot, ankle, and cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine.

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BASIC CONSIDERATIONS Joseph A. Buckwalter Epidemiology of Osteoarthritis Leena Sharma and Dipali Kapoor Etiopathogenesis of Osteoarthritis A. Robin Poole, Farshid Guilak, and Steven B. Abramson Pathology of Osteoarthritis Aubrey J. Hough, Jr. Cell Biology, Biochemistry, and Molecular Biology of Articular Cartilage in Osteoarthritis Linda J. Sandell, Dick Heinegard, and Thomas M. Hering Experimental Models of Osteoarthritis Margaret M. Smith and Christopher B. Little Molecular Genetics of Osteoarthritis John Loughlin and Kay Chapman GENERAL ASPECTS OF DIAGNOSIS Roy D. Altman Osteoarthritis: Clinical Presentations Michele M. Hooper and Roland W. Moskowitz Radiologic Diagnosis Garry Gold, Vijay Chandnani, and Donald Resnick Magnetic Resonance Imaging Charles Peterfy, Julie C. DiCarlo, and Manish Kothari Ultrasound and Alternatives Imaging Outcomes Helen I. Keen, Paul Emery, and Philip G. Conaghan Laboratory Findings in Osteoarthritis Roy D. Altman Noninvasive Biochemical Markers in Osteoarthritis Patrick Garnero Secondary Osteoarthritis H. Ralph Schumacher, Jr., Lan Chen, and Joseph Buckwalter GENERAL ASPECTS OF MANAGEMENT Marc C. Hochberg Baseline Program Marc C. Hochberg and Todd Stitik The Pharmacologic Treatment of Osteoarthritis Lee S. Simon and Vibeke Strand Intra-Articular Therapy David H. Neustadt and Roy D. Altman Complementary and Alternative Medicine Sharon L. Kolasinski Design of Outcomes Measures for Use in Clinical Trials in Patients with Osteoarthritis Vibeke Strand and Marc C. Hochberg SURGICAL CONSIDERATIONS IN OSTEOARTHRITIS Victor M. Goldberg General Considerations, Indications, and Outcomes Victor M. Goldberg Upper Extremity Considerations: Shoulder Sara L. Edwards, John-Erik Bell, William N. Levine, and Louis U. Bigliani Upper Extremity Considerations: Hand, Wrist, and Elbow Roderick J. Bruno, Robert J. Strauch, and Melvin P. Rosenwasser Lower Extremity Considerations: Hip Michael N. Kang, Daniel J. Berry, and William J. Maloney, III Lower Extremity Considerations: Knee Aaron Rosenberg Lower Extremity Considerations: Foot and Ankle James Michelson Osteoarthritis of the Spine Sanford E. Emery and Vytautas M. Ringus New Frontiers in Surgery of Osteoarthritis Tom Minas and Andreas H. Gomoll

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