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Intestinal Failure

Intestinal Failure
titolo Intestinal Failure
argomento Medicina Gastroenterologia Malattie dell'intestino
editore Greenwich Medical Media Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 584
pubblicazione 2001
ISBN 9781900151931
238,86 226,92 (-5%)
Written by a multidisciplinary author team, this book brings the important subject of intestinal failure in adults and children to a wide readership. It should be read and understood by all members of the general nutritional team, including doctors, nurses, dieticians and pharmacists, for whom it will serve as a practical guide to the management of intestinal failure both in the hospital and outpatient setting. For specialists and researchers in the field, the comprehesiveness of the book's coverage and the detailed and exhaustive referencing provided by the authors, will provide them with a unique insight into the latest research in the subject and how this relates to current clinical practice and potential future treatments.

Indice testuale

1. Historical overview; 2. Normal intestinal anatomy and physiology; 3. Surgical causes and management; 4. Intestinal Stoma and Enterocutaneous Fistula; 5. Chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation; 6. Human Immunodeficiency Virus; 7. Intestinal failure in children; 8. Intestinal Pseudo-obstruction; 9. Radiation enteritis; 10. Nutritional consequences of gastric surgery; 11. Consequences of surgery for obesity; 12. Problems of a short bowel; 13. Undernutrition; 14. Gallstones; 15. Nephrocalcinosis and nephrolithiasis in intestinal failure; 16. Intestinal adaptation; 17. Assessment of nutritional and fluid status; 18. Insertion and care of enteral tubes; 19. Insertion and care of catheters used for parenteral nutrition; 20. Designing parenteral and enteral regimens; 21. Formulation and administration of enteral feeds; 22. Formulation of parenteral feeds; 23. Nursing and psychological aspects of care; 24. Management of a high output jejunostomy; 25. Dietary treatment of patients with a short bowel; 26. Home enteral and parenteral nutrition for adults; 27. Home enteral and parental nutrition for children; 28. Quality of life assessment and cost-effectiveness; 29. The patient's requirements; 30. An intestinal failure unit; 31. Problems of enteral nutrition; 32. Problems of parenteral nutrition; 33. Surgery for patients with a short bowel; 34. Small intestinal transplantation.

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