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Adverse Drug Interactions

Adverse Drug Interactions
titolo Adverse Drug Interactions
sottotitolo A Handbook for Prescribers
autori , , ,
editore Hodder Arnold
formato Libro
pagine 849
pubblicazione 2010
ISBN 9780340927694
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This handy, portable book provides information on potential adverse effects when prescribing two or more drugs for simultaneous use, organised by drug class in a convenient, user-friendly format. Interactions that are likely to give rise to life-threatening conditions and which must therefore be completely avoided are clearly highlighted. Less threatening, but nonetheless important, interactions necessitating practical measures such as frequent monitoring and advice to patients are also detailed. Presented in tabular form for ease of reference, the book also provides a brief summary of the mechanism underlying a particular interaction, alternative drugs lacking the same reactions that may be considered, and instructions for monitoring patients when adverse affects occur. This book is an essential companion for the physician, nurse prescriber and pharmacist in the clinical setting and an invaluable reference for medical students. Portable guide covering all major drug groups At-a-glance tabular format Use of complex pharmacological terminology minimised for the non-specialist All advice supported by appropriate evidence Also includes potential interactions with over the counter medications, herbal remedies, dietary supplements, food, and alcohol

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Cardiovascular drugs Introduction Aliskiren Antiarrhythmics Antihypertensives and heart failure drugs Antiplatelet drugs Beta-blockers Calcium channel blockers Cardiac glycosides Diuretics Ivabradine Lipid-lowering drugs Nitrates Peripheral vasodilators Potassium channel activators Selective phosphodiesterase inhibitors Sympathomimetics Drugs acting on the nervous system Introduction Antidementia drugs Antidepressants Antiemetics Antiepileptics Antimigraine drugs Antiobesity drugs Antiparkinson's drugs Antipsychotics Anxiolytics and hypnotics CNS stimulants Drug dependence therapies Drugs used to treat neuromuscular diseases and movement disorders Anticancer and immunomodulating drugs Introduction Cytotoxics Hormones and hormone antagonists Other immunomodulating drugs Anticoagulants Introduction Anticoagulants - oral Anticoagulants - parenteral Thrombolytics Anitdiabetic drugs Introduction Insulin Metformin Sulphorylureas Other diabetic drugs Other endocrine drugs Bisphosphonates Danazol Desmopressin Diazoxide Dutasteride Female sex hormones Gestrinone Glucagon Nandrolone Somatropin (growth hormone) Steroid replacement therapy Strontium ranelate Testosterone Thyroid hormones Trilostane Analgesics Introduction Acetaminophen Nefopam Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) Opioids Paracetamol Muscoskeletal drugs Introduction Antigout drugs Drugs treating inflammatory arthropathies Drugs affecting bone metabolism Skeletal muscle relaxants Anaesthetic drugs Introduction Anaesthetics - general Anaesthetics - local Anticholinesterases Antimuscarinics Benzodiazepines Dantrolene Muscle relaxants - depolarizing and non-depolarizing Opioids Drugs to treat infections Introduction Antibiotics - aminoglycosides Antibiotics - beta-lactams Antibiotics - macrolides Antibiotics - penicillins Antibiotics - quinolones Antibiotics - rifamycins Antibiotics - sulphonamides Antibiotics - tetracyclines Other antibiotics Antifungal drugs Antimalarials Other antiprotozoals Antivirals - antiretrovirals Antivirals - other Drugs acting on the gastrointestinal tract Introduction Antacids Antidiarrhaeals Antiemetics Antimuscarinics Drugs affecting bile Drugs used to treat inflammatory bowel disease H2 receptor blockers Pancreatin Proton pump inhibitors Sucralfate Tripotassium dicitratobismuthate Respiratory drugs Introduction Antihistamines Bronchodilators Doxapram Leukotriene receptor antagonists Metabolic drugs Agalsidase Laronidase Penicillamine Sodium phenylbutyrate Trientine Drugs used in obstetrics and gynaecology Danazol Ergometrine Female hormones Gestrinone Mifepristone Oxytocics Prostaglandins Raloxifene Tibolone Urological drugs Urinary retention Urinary incontinence Erectile dysfunction Urinary alkalization Drugs of abuse Cannabis Amphetamines Ecstasy (MDMA) Cocaine Heroin Hallucinogens Gamma hydroxybutyric acid

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