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A-Z of Abdominal Radiology

A-Z of Abdominal Radiology
titolo A-Z of Abdominal Radiology
autori , , ,
argomenti Medicina Radiologia Radiologia fegato, pancreas, vie biliari
Medicina Radiologia
editore Cambridge University Press
formato Libro
pagine 366
pubblicazione 2009
ISBN 9780521700146
44,00 41,80 (-5%)
A-Z of Abdominal Radiology provides a concise, easily accessible radiological guide to the imaging of the common disorders of the abdomen and pelvis. Organised by A-Z, each entry gives easy access to the key clinical features of the condition. Section 1 reviews the relevant radiological anatomy of the abdomen and pelvis. This is followed by over 80 abdominal disorders, listing characteristics, clinical features, radiological features and relevant clinical management. Each disorder is highly illustrated to aid diagnosis. A-Z of Abdominal Radiology is an invaluable quick reference for the busy clinician and aide memoir for exam revision in both medicine and radiology.

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Preface; Glossary of terms; Part I. Review of Radiological Anatomy: Plain Abdominal Radiograph; Intra-Venous Urogram; Barium Meal; Barium Follow Through; Barium Enema; Ultrasound of the Abdomen; Ultrasound of the Pelvis; Computed Tomography of the Abdomen and Pelvis; Understanding the Silhouette Sign; Part II. Clinical Cases Review - 'A to Z.'; Index.

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