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Clinical Virology

Clinical Virology
titolo Clinical Virology
autori , ,
editore American Society for Microbiology
formato Libro
pagine 1416
pubblicazione 2009
ISBN 9781555814250
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Informs scientists and health care professionals about all the medically relevant aspects of this rapidly evolving field. Covers novel viruses, pathogenesis, epidemiology, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. Addresses infections and syndromes related to particular organ systems, as well as the fundamentals of modern medical virology. Includes crucial information on immune responses and vaccinology, diagnostics, antivirals, and the nascent field of gene therapy. Provides agent-specific chapters that detail the virology, epidemiology, pathogenesis, clinical manifestations, and prevention and treatment of important viral pathogens. This title is published by the American Society of Microbiology Press and distributed by Taylor and Francis in rest of world territories.

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Table of Contents Contents 1. Introduction Douglas D. Richman, Richard J. Whitley, and Frederick G. Hayden Section I. Viral Syndromes and General Principles 2. Respiratory Infections John J. Treanor 3. Viral Central Nervous System Infections Kevin A. Cassady and Richard J. Whitley 4. Gastrointestinal Syndromes Manish Patel and Roger I. Glass 5. Viral Hepatitis Andrew W. Tai and Jules L. Dienstag 6. Infections in Organ Transplant Recipients John A. Zaia 7. Viral Myocarditis Jeffrey A. Towbin 8. Viral Infections of the Skin Brenda L. Bartlett and Stephen K. Tyring 9. Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers: a Comparative Appraisal Mike Bray and Karl M. Johnson 10. Viral Disease of the Eye Garry Shuttleworth and David Easty 11. Antiretroviral Agents Magdalena E. Sobieszczyk, Barbara S. Taylor, and Scott M. Hammer 12. Antiherpesvirus, Anti-Hepatitis Virus, and Anti-Respiratory Virus Agents Michael T. Yin, James C. M. Brust, Hong Van Tieu, and Scott M. Hammer 13. Diagnosis of Viral Infections Guy Boivin, Tony Mazzulli, Martin Petric, and Michel Couillard 14. Immune Responses to Viruses Jonathan W. Yewdell, Theodore C. Pierson, and Jack R. Bennink 15. Immunization against Viral Diseases Julie E. Martin and Barney S. Graham 16. Gene Therapy and Viruses Donald B. Kohn, Barrie J. Carter, Paolo Grandi, and Joseph C. Glorioso 17. Chronic Fatigue and Postinfective Fatigue Syndromes Andrew R. Lloyd, Ian Hickie, and Denis Wakefield Section II. The Agents Part A: DNA Viruses 18. Poxviruses R. Mark Buller and Frank Fenner 19. Herpes Simplex Viruses Richard J. Whitley and Bernard Roizman 20. Cercopithecine Herpesvirus 1 (B Virus) Richard J. Whitley 21. Varicella-Zoster Virus Anne A. Gershon and Saul J. Silverstein 22. Cytomegalovirus Paul David Griffiths, Vincent Clive Emery, and Richard Milne 23. Human Herpesvirus 6 and Human Herpesvirus 7 Koichi Yamanishi and Yasuko Mori 24. Epstein-Barr Virus Katherine Luzuriaga and John L. Sullivan 25. Kaposi's Sarcoma-Associated Herpesvirus Patrick S. Moore and Yuan Chang 26. Adenoviruses Olli Ruuskanen, Jordan P. Metcalf, Olli Meurman, and Goran Akusjarvi 27. Polyomaviruses John E. Greenlee and Frank J. O'Neill 28. Papillomavirus William Bonnez 29. Human Parvoviruses Larry J. Anderson and Dean D. Erdman 30. TT Virus Peter Simmonds 31. Hepatitis B Virus Alexander J. V. Thompson, Sally J. Bell, and Stephen A. Locarnini Part B: RNA Viruses 32. Human Lymphotropic Viruses: HTLV-1 and HTLV-2 William A. Blattner and Manhattan E. Charurat 33. Human Immunodeficiency Virus John C. Guatelli, Robert F. Siliciano, Daniel R. Kuritzkes, and Douglas D. Richman 34. Colorado Tick Fever Virus and Other Arthropod-Borne Reoviridae Steven Yukl and Joseph K. Wong 35. Rotaviruses Manuel A. Franco and Harry B. Greenberg 36. Respiratory Syncytial Virus, Human Metapneumovirus, and Parainfluenza Viruses John V. Williams, Pedro A. Piedra, and Janet A. Englund 37. Measles Virus William J. Moss and Diane E. Griffin 38. Mumps Virus John W. Gnann, Jr. 39. Zoonotic Paramyxoviruses Paul A. Rota, Thomas G. Ksiazek, and William J. Bellini 40. Rhabdoviruses Thomas P. Bleck and Charles E. Rupprecht 41. Filoviruses Mike Bray 42. Influenza Virus Frederick G. Hayden and Peter Palese 43. Bunyaviridae: Bunyaviruses, Phleboviruses, Nairoviruses, and Hantaviruses Gregory J. Mertz 44. Arenaviruses C. J. Peters 45. Enteroviruses Jose R. Romero 46. Rhinovirus Ronald B. Turner and Wai-Ming Lee 47. Hepatitis A Virus Philip R. Spradling, Annette Martin, and Stephen M. Feinstone 48. Human Caliciviruses Robert L. Atmar and Mary K. Estes 49. Hepatitis E Virus David A. Anderson and Iswar L. Shrestha 50. Astrovirus Ernesto Mendez and Carlos F. Arias 51. Coronaviruses Kenneth McIntosh and J. S. M. Pieris 52. Arthropod-Borne Flaviviruses Lyle R. Peterson and Alan D. T. Barrett 53. Hepatitis C Virus Yaron Rotman and T. Jake Liang 54. Alphaviruses David W. Smith, John S. Mackenzie, and Scott C. Weaver 55. Rubella Virus David W. Kimberlin Part C: Subviral Agents 56. Hepatitis D Virus Antonina Smedile, Alessia Ciancio, and Mario Rizzetto 57. Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies Adriano Aguzzi Index

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