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Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
titolo Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease
sottotitolo Integrating Science and Clinical Medicine
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Endocrinologia e metabolismo Diabetologia
Medicina Angiologia Terapia vascolare
editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
formato Libro
pagine 480
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9780781740531
108,00 102,60 (-5%)

This text thoroughly reviews the latest findings and concepts on the vascular biology of diabetes mellitus, the clinical vascular manifestations of diabetes, and the therapeutic options available for diabetic patients with vascular disease. The first section provides an in-depth understanding of fundamental principles and recent discoveries regarding diabetes mellitus and vascular biology. The second, clinically oriented section includes chapters on the economic implications of diabetes mellitus, risk profiling patients with diabetes, optimizing adjunctive therapies, and treatment strategies for diabetic patients with coronary and peripheral artery disease. Summaries of important clinical trials are included to provide an evidence-based approach to treatment.


Indice testuale

Part I Vascular Biology Structure and Function of the Vessel Wall, 3 Mario B. Marrero and David M. Stern Antioxidants, Oxidative Stress, and Inflammation in Diabetes, 19 Sridevi Devaraj, Sonia Vega-Lopez, and Ishwarlal Jialal Role of Protein Kinase C Isoforms in Diabetic Vascular Dysfunction, 37 Zhiheng He, Ronald C.W. Ma, and George L. King Aldose Reductase and Vascular Stress, 55 Ravichandran Ramasamy and Peter J Oates Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptors and Diabetic Vasculature, 75 Peter J. Little, Duncan J. Topliss, Sunder Mudalier, and Ronald E. Law Receptor-Dependent Vascular Stress in Diabetes, 93 Ann Marie Schmidt, Barry I. Hudson, Shi-Fang Yan, and David M. Stern Genetic Determinants of Late Diabetic Complications, 111 Alessandro Doria, James H. Warram, and Andrzej S. Krolewski Diabetic Retinopathy and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, 133 Hans-Peter Hammes and Georg Breier Part II Clinical Topics Epidemiology of Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiovascular Disease, 153 Sunil V. Rao and Darren K. McGuire Economic Implications of Diabetes Mellitus, 179 John D. Nachtigal and Cathryn A. Carroll Obesity, 199 Mark W. Conard and Walker S. Carlos Poston Diabetes Treatment, 219 William L. Isley Endothelial Dysfunction, 239 Joshua A. Beckman Platelet Dysfunction, 251 Robert Kelly and Steven R. Steinhubl Diabetes, Impaired Fibrinolysis, and Thrombosis, 269 Peter J. Grant and Lucinda K.M. Summers Restenosis, 293 David S. Lee and Marc S. Penn The Renin-Angiotensin System, Nephropathy, and Hypertension, 315 Roberto Trevisan and Giancarlo Viberti Lipoprotein Abnormalities, 337 William L. Isley and William S. Harris Diabetes Mellitus and Ischemic Heart Disease, 355 Benjamin H. Trichon and Matthew T. Roe Diabetes and Coronary Revascularization, 379 Deepak P. Vivekananthan and Deepak L. Bhatt Diabetes and Peripheral Artery Disease, 403 Roberto A. Corpus Appendix A. Adjunctive Pharmacology of Diabetes: Chain of Evidence, 423 Maureen E. Knell, Jared T. Lurk, and Jennifer M. Roth Appendix B. Synopsis of Major Cardiovascular Trials Involving Diabetic Patients, 469 Avinash Khanna Subject Index, 487

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