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Basic Clinical Dialysis

Basic Clinical Dialysis
titolo Basic Clinical Dialysis
autori , , ,
argomento Medicina Nefrologia Dialisi
editore McGraw-Hill Medical
formato Libro
pagine 280
pubblicazione 2005
ISBN 9780074715017
36,00 30,60
Risparmi: € 5,40
Basic Clinical Dialysis presents highly practical information on the clinical care and management of chronic kidney disease through dialysis treatment. The book clearly explains basic principles of dialysis, the different stages of kidney disease and presents all the treatment options and techniques for management. It deals specifically with chronic dialysis and chronic kidney disease, chronic haemodialysis, chronic peritoneal dialysis and acute dialytic therapies. The book will be a handy reference guide for medical students, interns, residents, basic physician trainees, nurses, general physicians, and paramedical staff. It is written in a concise and easy to understand format which is popular among busy practitioners and will be a small trim size to fit in their pockets and take on the wards.

Indice testuale

Preface List of protocols List of tables Abbreviations Part 1 Introduction Chapter 1.1 Normal kidney function Chapter 1.2 Stages of chronic kidney disease Chapter 1.3 Assessment of the patient with chronic kidney disease Chapter 1.4 Limitations of dialysis as replacement for normal kidney function Chapter 1.5 Preparation of the patient for maintenance dialysis Chapter 1.6 Conservative therapy for advanced chronic kidney disease Part 2 General care of patients with chronic kidney disease Chapter 2.1 Cardiovascular risk management Chapter 2.2 Erythropoiesis Chapter 2.3 Bleeding and thrombosis Chapter 2.4 Parathyroid hormone, vitamin D, calcium, phosphate and bones Chapter 2.5 Endocrine disturbances of chronic kidney disease Chapter 2.6 Infection control Chapter 2.7 Pregnancy and dialysis Chapter 2.8 Preparation for transplantation Chapter 2.9 Drug prescription to dialysis patients Chapter 2.10 Nutrition Chapter 2.11 Routine surveillance of dialysis patients Part 3 Haemodialysis Chapter 3.1 Haemodialysis physiology Chapter 3.2 Haemodialysis equipment Chapter 3.3 Haemodialysis adequacy and prescription Chapter 3.4 Vascular access for haemodialysis Chapter 3.5 Anticoagulation for haemodialysis Chapter 3.6 The first haemodialysis treatment Chapter 3.7 Complications during haemodialysis Chapter 3.8 Haemodialysis in children Part 4 Chronic peritoneal dialysis Chapter 4.1 General principles Chapter 4.2 Peritoneal membrane physiology Chapter 4.3 Peritoneal dialysis access and complications Chapter 4.4 Peritoneal dialysis training and education Chapter 4.5 Peritoneal dialysis solutions and connection systems Chapter 4.6 Methods of chronic peritoneal dialysis Chapter 4.7 Prescribing and modifying chronic peritoneal dialysis Chapter 4.8 Peritonitis and exit-site infections Chapter 4.9 Medical complications of chronic peritoneal dialysis Chapter 4.10 Peritoneal dialysis in children Part 5 Acute dialysis Chapter 5.1 Dialysis in acute renal failure Chapter 5.2 Extracorporeal therapy for acute poisoning Chapter 5.3 Plasmapheresis Index

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