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Human Movement

Human Movement
titolo Human Movement
sottotitolo An Introductory Text
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Ortopedia Biomeccanica
Medicina Ortopedia
editore Churchill Livingstone
formato Libro
pagine 288
pubblicazione 2010
ISBN 9780702031342
46,00 43,70 (-5%)
The sixth edition of this popular text introducing human movement to a range of readers, offers the building blocks, signposts and opportunities to think about the application and integration of basic Human Movement theory. It confirms basic knowledge which is then applied to specific areas. Drawing on the expertise of a range of authors from the healthcare professions, the new edition has adopted a themed approach that links chapters in context. The strength of this current edition is the explicit chapter integration which attempts to mimic the realities of human movement. The themed approach explores the psychosocial influences on movement. Integration is further facilitated by increased cross-referencing between the chapters and the innovative use of one themed case study throughout. Framed about a family unit, this case study enables chapter authors to explicitly apply the content of their chapters to the real world of human movement. Taken as a whole, this more integrated format will enable readers to see the reality and complexity of human movement.

Indice testuale

Dedication Contributors Preface 1 Introduction Tony Everett and Clare Kell 2 Skeletal muscle, muscle work, strength, power and endurance Tim Sharp and Tony Everett 3 Joint mobility Tony Everett 4 Motor control Bernhard Haas 5 Posture and balance Clare Kell 6 Motor learning Nicola Phillips 7 Psychosocial influences on human movement Sally Scott-Roberts 8 The influence of the environment on human movement Philippa Coales 9 Biomechanics of human movement Robert W.M. van Deursen, Tony Everett 10 Function of the upper limb Valerie Sparks and Mike Smith 11 Function of the lower limb Tony Everett and Marion Trew 12 Function of the Spine Valerie Sparks 13 Human movement across the lifespan Lyn Horrocks 14 Measuring and analysing human movement Tony Everett 15 Scales of measurement Susan Corr and Roshni Khatri 16 Conclusion Tony Everett and Clare Kell Index

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