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The Comprehensive Textbook of Clinical Biomechanics

The Comprehensive Textbook of Clinical Biomechanics
titolo The Comprehensive Textbook of Clinical Biomechanics
sottotitolo with access to e-learning course [formerly Biomechanics in Clinic and Research]
argomento Medicina Ortopedia Biomeccanica
formato Libro
pagine 380
pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9780702054891
138,00 117,30
Risparmi: € 20,70
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ALL-ENCOMPASSING and EXPANDED, now covering the WHOLE BODY (lower quadrant PLUS upper quadrant and spine) - The Comprehensive Textbook of Clinical Biomechanics (formerly Biomechanics in Clinic and Research) presents the latest research in a form which is accessible, practical, thorough and up-to-the minute. Written by a leading expert in the field, The Comprehensive Textbook of Clinical Biomechanics includes a unique online course including high-quality animations, interactive tests and clear explanations will enable you to gain a confident understanding of the clinical aspects of biomechanics.? . Access to a 15-hours elearning course which includes: . over 100 high-quality animations, bringing abstract concepts to life . Self-assessed questions and interactive tests to check learning . Starts from basic principles and builds up to complex concepts . Highly practical with a constant clinical emphasis . Written for all health care professionals including physiotherapists and podiatrists . Addition of upper quadrant and spine . Title has changed to truly reflect the resource's expanded and comprehensive approach . Case studies and additional clinical examples . New methods in EMG analysis . Updated elearning course which is compatible with tablet and mobile devices . A global team of writers

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Chapter 1: Maths and Mechanics Jim Richards Chapter 2: Forces, Moments and Muscles Jim Richards Chapter 3: Ground Reaction Forces, Impulse and Momentum Jim Richards Chapter 4: Motion and Joint Motion Jim Richards Chapter 5: Work, Energy and Power Jim Richards Chapter 6: Inverse Dynamics Theory Jim Richards Chapter 7: Measurement of Force and Pressure Jim Richards and Dominic Thewlis Chapter 8: Methods of Analysis of Movement Jim Richards, Dominic Thewlis and Sarah Jane Hobbs Chapter 9: Anatomical Models and Marker Sets Jim Richards and Dominic Thewlis Chapter 10: Measurement of Muscle Function and Physiological Cost Jim Richards, Dominc Thewlis and James Selfe Chapter 11: Biomechanics of Direct and Indirect Orthotic Management Jim Richards Chapter 12: Common movement tasks in Clinical Assessment James Selfe, Jim Richards and Dominic Thewlis

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