International Textbook of Aesthetic Surgery Vol. 1/2 - Bryant A. Toth, Nicolò Scuderi | Consegna Gratis
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International Textbook of Aesthetic Surgery Vol. 1/2

International Textbook of Aesthetic Surgery Vol. 1/2
titolo International Textbook of Aesthetic Surgery Vol. 1/2
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Editore Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K
Formato Libro
Pagine 1297
Pubblicazione 2016
ISBN 9783662465981
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This two-volume textbook - the result of wide-ranging collaboration among renowned experts in aesthetic surgery from the Americas and Europe - presents state of the art concepts and techniques from across the entire spectrum of cosmetic surgery. It opens with some of the last writings of two of the giants in the discipline, Fernando Ortiz Monasterio and Daniel Marchac, whose contributions set the tone and standard for the rest of the book. In all, there are ten sections covering every aspect of plastic surgery. A very wide range of surgical procedures that can be utilized by the plastic surgeon in training as well as by the established plastic surgeon are described in detail, and in the case of the face, nonsurgical treatments are also fully considered. Further topics include the history of the specialty, legal issues, and anticipated future developments, including regenerative medicine. Numerous beautiful color photographs and skillfully executed illustrations complement the informative text.

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Introduction to Aesthetic Surgery: The concept of beauty in different cultures.- History and evolution of reconstructive surgery.- Indications, psychological issues and selection of patients in aesthetic surgery.- How to manage an aesthetic surgery practice.- Photography and plastic surgery.- Anesthesia for aesthetic surgery - A European perspective.- Anesthesia for the cosmetic patient: An American perspective.- Pain Therapy.- European legal issues.- The American legal system. The Breast: History of aesthetic breast surgery.- Breast augmentation.- Cosmetic breast augmentation with fat grafting.- Mastopexy without implants.- Mastopexy with implants.- Secondary breast augmentation.- Breast reduction with inverted T-scar.- Vertical breast reduction.- Gigantomastia.- Aesthetic surgery for breast asymmetry.- Tuberous breast.- Gynecomastia.- Reoperative aesthetic breast surgery. Trunk and Extremities: History of aesthetic surgery of the trunk and extremities.- Abdominoplasty.- Evolution of lipoplasty then, now and the future.- Liposuction.- Lipoabdominoplasty - Saldanha's technique.- Lipofilling and correction of post-liposuction deformities.- Plastic surgery in massive weight loss patients.- Brachioplasty.- Aesthetic surgery of the hand.- Thigh lift.- Gluteoplasty.- Aesthetic surgery of the male genitalia.- Aesthetic surgery of the female genitalia.- Ancillary (non-surgical) treatments: trunk and abdomen. The Scalp: General issues and indications.- Follicular grafting.- Scalp reduction.- Scalp extension.- Stretching sutures.- The Nose: History of aesthetic surgery of the nose.- Basic rhinoplasty.- Septoplasty and turbinates.- Full and semi-open rhinoplasty.- Secondary rhinoplasty.- Rhinoplasty in patients with malformations of the head and neck.- The twisted nose.- Profiloplasty. The Eyelids: History of Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery.- Eyelid anatomy.- Upper eyelid blepharoplasty.- Asian upper blepharoplasty.- Lower Eyelid Blepharoplasty.- Minimal invasive approach.- Lateral canthal surgery in blepharoplasty.- Complications of aesthetic blepharoplasty and revisional surgeries. The Ear: Otoplasty. The Face - Surgical Treatment.- History of aesthetic surgery of the face.- The aging face.- Forehead and brow rejuvenation.- Suspension techniques in aesthetic surgery of the face.- Rejuvenation of the midface.- MACS lift.- The suprazygomatic (high-SMAS) facelift.- Necklift.- Surgical treatment of the face.- Reoperative surgery of the face.- Supension threads.- 3D facial volumization with anatomic alloplastic implants.- Lipofilling of the face.- Aesthetic surgery of the lip. The Face - Non-surgical treatment: Botulinum toxin - Botox.- Fillers.- Chemical peelings.- Advances in facial plastic rejuvenation with ablative laser technology: Can clinical results be tailored based on histology effects?.- Laser resurfacing.- Intense pulsed light (IPL) laser.- Laser and intense light systems as adjunctive techniques in functional and aesthetic surgery.- Non-surgical therapy.- Mechanical resurfacing, needling, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion.- Anti-aging cosmeceuticals. The Future: Preventative medicine and healthy longevity: Bases for sustainable antiaging strategies.- Anti-aging medicine: An overview in 2012.- Aesthetic regenerative surgery.

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