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Acute Care Casebook

Acute Care Casebook
titolo Acute Care Casebook
argomento Medicina Medicina d'urgenza Opere di carattere generale
editore Oxford University Press Inc
formato Libro
lingua inglese
pagine 408
pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9780190865412
51,00 48,45 (-5%)
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Acute Care Casebook provides a case-based approach to the broad practice of acute care medicine, covering a variety of common patient presentations and clinical environments. This book features over 70 illustrated cases, including presentations of trauma and medical illness in wilderness medicine, military and prehospital environments, pediatrics, emergency medicine, and intensive care unit and floor emergencies. Designed for students and trainees in medicine, nursing, EMS, and other acute care specialties, this text guides readers through not only symptom evaluation and treatment, but also the thought process and priorities of experienced clinicians. Each chapter features key diagnoses and management pearls from leading experts that will help prepare readers for any event, from stabilizing and transporting a trauma patient in the field, to managing post-operative complications in the ICU.

Indice testuale

Section I: Wilderness/Expedition
Edited by N. Stuart Harris
Chapter 1: Headache at High Altitude
Renee N. Salas
Chapter 2: Head Trauma
Todd W. Thomsen
Chapter 3: Dizziness While Traveling
Jacqueline Paulis
Chapter 4: Dizziness on Airplane
Justin T. Pitman
Chapter 5: Envenomation
Jillian Nickerson
Chapter 6: Wrist Pain
Eric Lee
Chapter 7: Abdominal Pain
Carlo Canepa
Chapter 8: Fever
Rittik Chaudhuri
Chapter 9: Acute Mountain Sickness
Nathaniel R. Mann
Chapter 10: Hypothermia
S. Terez Malka

Section II: Prehospital
Edited by Jeremy T. Cushman
Chapter 11: Vomiting
Maia Dorsett
Chapter 12: Fall with Syncope
Christopher J. Fullagar
Chapter 13: Excited Delirium
Thomas Williams
Chapter 14: Stridor
Sean Donovan and Heidi Cordi
Chapter 15: Interfacility Ventilator Management
Christopher Galton
Chapter 16: Difficulty Breathing
Essie Reed-Schrader and William T. Rivers
Chapter 17: Failing Asthmatic
David Poliner, Philip Nawrocki, and Benjamin J. Lawner
Chapter 18: Blunt Chest Trauma
Daniel Shocket
Chapter 19: Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest
Erik Rueckmann
Chapter 20: Weakness
Aaron Farney

Section III: Emergency Department
Edited by Evie Marcolini
Chapter 21: Chest Pain
Aamer Khan
Chapter 22: Severe Headache
Aman Shah
Chapter23: Eye Pain
Abbie Saccary
Chapter24: Shortness of Breath
Harman S. Gill
Chapter25: Abdominal pain
Ali Kamran
Chapter26: Seizure
Olga Kovalerchik
Chapter 27: Extremity Swelling
Jennifer Repanshek
Chapter 28: Overdose
Evie Marcolini and Anthony Tomassoni
Chapter 29: Cat Bite
Martin Casey
Chapter 30: Vertigo
Usama Qadri
Chapter 31: Gastrointestinal Bleeding
Oliver Hulland

Section IV: Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
Edited by Julie Mayglothling Winkle
Chapter 32: Hypotension
Angie Creditt
Chapter 33: Hypoxia
Drew Clare
Chapter 34: Altered Mental Status
Cynthia Oliva
Chapter 35: Fever
Sarah Morgan
Chapter 36: Agitation
Megan Rashid
Chapter 37: Dyspnea
Michael Joyce
Chapter 38: Anemia
Kathy Li
Chapter 39: Abdominal Distention
Megha Rajpal
Chapter 40: Tachycardia
Steve Miller
Chapter 41: Focal Weakness
Jordan Tozer

Section V: Medicine Floor
Edited by Allen Tran
Chapter 42: Palpitations
Colin Turner
Chapter 43: No Urine Output
Alison Rodger
Chapter 44: Fever
Glenn Patriquin
Chapter 45: Chest Pain
Andrew Caddell
Chapter 46: Abdominal Pain
Rachelle Blackman
Chapter 47: Altered Mental Status
Jaclyn LeBlanc
Chapter 48: Low Blood Pressure
Scott Lee
Chapter 49: Blistering Rash
Ashley Sutherland
Chapter 50: Agitation
Christopher J. M. Green
Chapter 51: Dyspnea
Marko Balan

Section VI: Pediatric Clinic
Edited by Jennifer Sanders
Chapter 52: Rule out Sepsis in Infant
Temima Waltuch
Chapter 53: Drowning
Elysha Pifko
Chapter 54: Crying Infant
Caroline Black
Chapter 55: Limp
Sarah Yale and David Mills
Chapter 56: Fever in a Child
Shannon Drohan
Chapter 57: Altered Mental Status
Michelle N. Marin
Chapter 58: Swollen Eyes
Jeff Meyer
Chapter 59: Chest Pain
Jennifer Bellis
Chapter 60: Abdominal Pain
Peter Gutierrez
Chapter 61: Shortness of Breath
Sylvia E. Garcia
Chapter 62: Rash
Kara Cockrum and David Mills

Section VII: Military/Tactical
Edited by Leslie V. Simon
Chapter 63: Primary Blast Injury
Leslie V. Simon
Chapter 64: Secondary Blast Injury
Leslie V. Simon
Chapter 65: Crush Injury
Christopher M. Perry
Chapter 66: Abdominal Pain
Elizabeth DeVos
Chapter 67: Heat Stroke
Alexander Berk
Chapter 68: Facial Disfiguration
Douglas Hofstettler, Andrea Austin, and Ryan Maves
Chapter 69: Febrile Illness
Douglas Hofstettler, Andrea Austin, and Ryan Maves
Chapter 70: Extremity Swelling and Altered Mental Status
Denise Whitfield
Chapter 71: Eye Injury
Michael Mohseni
Chapter 72: Dyspnea and Hemoptysis after a Rigorous, Open-water Swim
Patrick Engelbert, John Haggerty, and Steven Portouw
Chapter 73: Penetrating Chest Trauma
Katherine Biggs

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