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Advances in Surgical Pathology: Prostate Cancer

Advances in Surgical Pathology: Prostate Cancer
titolo Advances in Surgical Pathology: Prostate Cancer
autori , , ,
argomenti Medicina Anatomia patologica Anatomia patologica app. urinario
Medicina Oncologia Oncologia urologica
editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
formato Libro
pagine 288
pubblicazione 2012
ISBN 9781608314348
124,00 117,80 (-5%)
This is a concise and updated review of prostate cancer pathologic diagnosis with emphasis on practical issues and recent developments in the field. Each chapter addresses the basic diagnostic features, differential diagnoses, pitfalls and ways to resolve the problem. Additionally, a brief introduction of prostate cancer screening, clinical management and treatment are summarized. Recent development of immunohistochemistry, molecular testing in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment are also reviewed. Finally, current knowledge of molecular alteration of prostate cancer carcinogenesis and impact in diagnosis and treatment are discussed.

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