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Libri di Uday Patel

Carcinoma of the Kidney

Uday Patel

editore: Cambridge University Press

pagine: 256

The last two decades have seen ground-shifting changes in the epidemiology, genetics, diagnosis and management of renal cancer. Advances in diagnosis have led to many tumours being identified at an asymptomatic stage. There have also been parallel advances in treatment, such as nephron sparing procedures and radiologically guided ablative procedures. However, these changes have brought with them dilemmas such as our ability to evaluate the nature and aggressiveness of early stage tumours and how best to identify those patients who will benefit most from early treatment. This practical, clinically-oriented volume focuses on these current diagnostic and clinical challenges, making it relevant to all members of the multidisciplinary cancer care team.
62,00 58,90

Imaging and Urodynamics of the Lower Urinary Tract

David Rickards, Uday Patel

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 136

Practical and highly illustrated, "Imaging and Urodynamics of the Lower Urinary Tract "is a comprehensive textbook covering modern aspects of lower tract imaging and non-endoscopic assessment. Making effective use of line drawings and an easy to use bullet/key point format, the book has two distinct sections - the bladder and the urethra -- which each discuss relevant anatomical and physiological aspects of common pathological conditions. Principally aimed at both trainee and experienced radiologists, the text also includes a thorough discussion of urodynamics, meaning it will also be of interest to urologists.
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