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The Cardiovascular System

The Cardiovascular System
titolo The Cardiovascular System
autori , , ,
argomento Medicina Cardiologia Opere di carattere generale
editore Churchill Livingstone
formato Libro
pagine 192
pubblicazione 2010
ISBN 9780702033742
33,00 28,05
Risparmi: € 4,95
This is an integrated textbook on the cardiovascular system, covering the anatomy, physiology and biochemistry of the system, all presented in a clinically relevant context appropriate for the first two years of the medical student course.

Indice testuale

A design specification for the cardiovascular system. Cardiac muscle structure and function. The heart as a pump: valve function and valve disease. Regulation of cardiac function. Blood supply to the heart. Heart failure. The elctrocardiogram. Large blood vessels. Resistance blood vessels.Arterial blood pressure. Capilliary function and lymphatic system. Fetal cardiovascular system and congenital heart disease. Exercise and the cardiovascular system. Haemorrhage and circulatory shoock.

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