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The Blood Group Antigen Facts Book

The Blood Group Antigen Facts Book
titolo The Blood Group Antigen Facts Book
autori ,
argomento Medicina Ematologia Tecnica e laboratorio ematologico
editore Academic Press Inc
formato Libro
pagine 584
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9780125865852
78,00 74,10 (-5%)
The second edition of "The Blood Group Antigen FactsBook" provides key information relating to human red blood cell membrane components carrying blood group antigens, the molecular basis of the antigens, their serological characteristics, and the clinical significance of blood group antibodies. The data on this group of molecules has expanded greatly since the previous edition was published five years ago. It includes topics such as: history and information on terminology, expression, chromosomal assignment, carrier molecule description, molecular basis of antigens, effect of enzymes/chemicals, clinical significance, disease association, phenotypes, glycotypes and key references. It includes over 250 fully updated entries on blood group antigens, formatted on single pages for easy use. I provides inclusion of RHAG blood group system and over twenty new antigens. It contains basic science paired with clinical applications to give context to information. It includes full-color illustrations, gene maps and charts. It includes both traditional and ISBT-sanctioned naming conventions.

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Introduction Aims of this FactsBook Selection of Entries Terminology Organization of the Data Blood Group System Sheets Terminology Expression Gene Database accession numbers Amino acid sequence Carrier molecule Molecular basis of antigens Function Disease association Phenotypes Molecular basis of phenotypes Comments References Blood Group Antigen Sheets Terminology Occurrence Antithetical antigen Expression Molecular basis associated with antigen Effect of enzymes and chemicals on intact RBCs In vitro characteristics of alloantibody Clinical significance of alloantibody Autoantibody Comments References Blood Group Collections The 700 Series of Low Incidence Antigens The 901 Series of High Incidence Antigens ABO Blood group system MNS Blood group system P Blood Group System Rh Blood Group System Lutheran Blood Group System Kell Blood Group System Lewis Blood Group System Duffy Blood Group System Kidd Blood Group System Diego Blood Group System Yt Blood Group System Xg Blood Group System Scianna Blood Group System Dombrock Blood Group System Colton Blood Group System Landsteiner-Wiener Blood Group System Chido/Rodgers Blood Group System Hh Blood Group System Kx Blood Group System Gerbich Blood Group System Cromer Blood Group System Knops Blood Group System Indian Blood Group System OK Blood Group System RAPH Blood Group System JMH Blood Group System I Blood Group System GLOB Blood Group System GIL Blood Group System Cost Blood Group Collection Ii Blood Group Collection Er Blood Group Collection Globoside Blood Group Collection Unnamed Blood Group Collection The 700 Series of Low Incidence Antigens The 901 Series of High Incidence Antigens Antigen based facts Autoantibody based and drug facts Clinically useful information Blood group system and protein based facts Lectins and Polyagglutination information Gene based information Useful definitions Index

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