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Libri di John Noseworthy

Neurological Therapeutics

John Noseworthy

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 3680

With over 600 figures and tables, "Neurological Therapeutics: Principles and Practice" is a fully updated three-volume text, available both as a hardback and in web-formats, to be used as important reference for treatment decisions in offices of neurological practice, clinics and hospitals. Providing a reference that is both authoritative and accessible for daily use, key features of this evidence-based, highly acclaimed work include: more than 2750 major topics covering the vast patient mix primarily treated by adult and pediatric neurologists; the most current definitive medical citations; section editors who are all internationally recognized leaders in their fields; new chapters addressing the important issues of stem cell therapy, pharmacogenomics, palliative care, the management of the organ donor, metabolic myelopathy, superficial siderosis and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder; focus on the issues underlying treatment decisions not only for the most readily treated disorders but also for conditions with few existing, definitive therapeutic options; and, comprehensive summary tables and informative figures, with the most recent supporting recommendations to guide treatment decisions for effective and efficient patient management in the busy clinic setting. Building upon the success of its predecessor, this important second edition continues to address the need for a comprehensive textbook focused primarily on therapeutics, and will help busy students, clinicians and clinician-scientists in understanding the current status of neurological therapeutics in planning the care of their patients.
866,00 822,70

Neurological Therapeutics

Principles and Practice

John Noseworthy

editore: Informa Healthcare

pagine: 2864

A comprehensive and authoritative textbook, Neurological Therapeutics: Principles and Practice provides a reference that is both authoritative and accessible for daily use. The textbook explores the issues underlying treatment decisions not only for the most readily treated disorders but also for those conditions with few existing, definitive therapeutic options. With 600 figures, 37 in full color, tables, and a companion volume that is portable and easy-to-use, the final product is an important reference.
473,00 449,35

Multiple Sclerosis

John Noseworthy, W. Ian McDonald

editore: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd

pagine: 400

This practical resource presents key information on multiple sclerosis-from diagnosis and clinical features...through genetics and rehabilitation and the psychosocial consequences of the disease. Completely revised and updated, it examines the latest research and advances in patient management.
124,00 117,80

McAlpine's Multiple Sclerosis

Alastair Compston, Christian Confavreux
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 992

Since 1955, this landmark masterwork has been revered for its authoritative presentation of the entire state of scientific and clinical knowledge about multiple sclerosis. This new edition summarises the state of knowledge on this common neurological disease to mid-2005. No person who aspires to know about multiple sclerosis can do without this book! The state-of-the-art 4th Edition presents the most recent information on the genetics and epidemiology, clinical neurology, pathogenesis, and management of this common neurological disease. Amply illustrated and referenced and beautifully written, "McAlpine's Multiple Sclerosis" has been described as - 'A standard reference for multiple sclerosis researchers, embryonic 'MS-ologists' and hard-pressed clinical neurologists alike' - ("Brain", review of the last edition).
245,00 232,75

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