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Step-by-step Colposcopy, Cryosurgery, and LEEP

Step-by-step Colposcopy, Cryosurgery, and LEEP
titolo Step-by-step Colposcopy, Cryosurgery, and LEEP
argomenti Medicina Ginecologia Anatomia patologica ginecologica
Medicina Ginecologia
editore McGraw-Hill Medical
formato Libro
pagine 276
pubblicazione 2009
ISBN 9780071634281
51,00 48,45 (-5%)
This is a quick-reference guide to the basic principles of colposcopy, cryosurgery, and LEEP. The book covers all aspects of colposcopic techniques in a concise manner. It is meant to be a quick reference, especially for those new to the technique. It includes step-by-step details of colposcopy, cryosurgery, and LEEP; sample forms for recording colposcopy findings; and, procedure notes. There is an accompanying DVD that has diagnosis-aiding photo images. This title describes the basic principles of colposcopy and also provides details of cryosurgery and LEEP. Pattern descriptions supported by wonderful line diagrams and a range of actual colpophotographs are an ideal training resource. This title contains clear description of the indications and contraindications for treatment and the special safety precautions required to maximize health gain with minimal side effects. It is complete with procedure notes.

Indice testuale

1. Histological basis of colposcopy 2. Colposcopic terminology and interpretation of abnormal colposcopic findings of the cervix 3. Equipment, instruments, reagents and drugs for colposcopy 4. Step by step colposcopy of the cervix 5. Indications, interpretation of colposcopic findings, and step by step colposcopy of the vagina 6. Indications, interpretation of colposcopic findings, and step by step colposcopy of the vulva 7. Problems and errors in colposcopy 8. Management of women with cervical intraepithelial neoplasia 9. Cryosurgery in gynecologic practice 10. Step by step cryosurgery of the cervix 11. Loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) in gynecologic practice 12. Step by step loop electrosurgical procedure (LEEP) of the cervix 13. Decontamination, cleaning and sterlization of instruments and equipment in the colposcopy clinic

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