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Libri e librai dal 1946 Scopri cosa dicono di noi

Agopuntura e Medicina Tradizionale Cinese

Anatomical Illustration of Acupuncture Points

Guo Chang-Qing


pagine: 568

"Anatomical Illustration of Acupuncture Points" is an essential clinical and academic guide to master the art of acupuncture point location. It is a valuable compilation of experienced traditional Chinese medical doctors such as Professor Guo Chang-qing, Dr. Liu Nai-Gang, Dr. Hu Bo and many others.This book provides detailed description of all the acupuncture points along the channels and vessels as well as important extra points. Each point has a complete description of point locations with their indications, actions and clinical combinations. It also includes various needling and moxibustion techniques along with cross anatomical and vivid illustrations.The intent of this book is to provide a clear and exact point location manual along with their clinical actions and indications. This important tool may serve as an academic and practical reference for the serious student and senior practitioner alike in both their clinical and teaching work.It describes the meaning of the Chinese names of the points. It explains a clear and specific anatomical location of every acupuncture point along the channels and vessels as well as 65 extra points. It exhibits over 1,315 graphic and vivid illustrations with a cross anatomical section to demonstrate the correct depth and direction of insertion of the needle and what tissues it involves. It presents a detailed explanation of point actions, indications along with acupuncture and moxibustion techniques.
120,00 102,00

Integrating Conventional and Chinese Medicine in Cancer Care

A Clinical Guide

Tai Lahans

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 416

This new clinical resource clearly explains how to approach integrated care in a way that combines Chinese herbal medicine with Western medicine to enhance and improve medical care for patients with cancer, without undermining or negatively impacting patients' medical treatment. Each chapter covers a different type of cancer, first introducing the conventional medical understanding of that cancer, including its etiology, diagnosis, and treatment according to staging and type. The chapter then covers that cancer from the perspective of Oriental medicine. Case studies illustrate the integration of treatment for each cancer type, raising important issues and considerations associated with specific cancers and treatments.
60,00 51,00


A Practical Manual and Resource

David F. Mayor

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 404

This book presents an overview of the theoretical foundations of electroacupuncture, together with experimental and clinical evidence for the efficacy of electroacupuncture in its various forms. It also provides guidance on the effective clinical practice of electroacupuncture, illustrated with informative case histories. It serves as an excellent introduction on the subject, covering all the key information a beginning practitioner would need to know, as well as exploring avenues for advanced practice. The accompanying CD-ROM is an ideal research tool, providing searchable chapters from the book as well as an extensive database of more than 8,000 clinical trials that can be accessed via the CD-ROM or through a companion website.
82,00 69,70

A Clinical Guide to Identifying Chinese Materia Medica

Li Fang-yao, Yan Wen-mei


pagine: 490

As Chinese medicine grows in popularity in the West, more and more practitioners are choosing to expand their treatment efficacy by prescribing raw herbs. Thus, the need to correctly identify herbs is of growing concern among Western practitioners of Chinese medicine. This book is an extremely useful, hands-on guide to the sometimes bewildering variety of raw herbs. Practitioners and students alike will find it a useful aid in the pharmacy; and all herbal dispensaries will find it indispensable for their business.Here can be found detailed information for identifying 417 herbs, accompanied by color photographs of the ready for use herbs and including descriptions of commonly used alternate species. The book covers categories of herbs that release the exterior; clear heat; purge; dispel wind & dampness; transform dampness; promote water flow & leach out dampness; regulate qi; relieve food stagnation; expel worms; stop bleeding; invigorate the blood & transform stasis; stop cough & calm dyspnea by transforming phlegm; quiet the mind; calm the liver & extinguish wind; open the orifices; tonify deficiency; astringe; induce vomiting; relieve itching; and resolve putrefaction and engender flesh.
112,00 95,20

Shi Xue-min's Comprehensive Textbook of Acupuncture and Moxibustion



pagine: 1228

Shi Xue-min's "Comprehensive Textbook of Acupuncture and Moxibustion" is a valuable collection of two volumes which includes Dr. Shi Xue-min's academic and clinical experience in the world of traditional Chinese medicine. This is the first English edition of Dr. Shi Xue-min's life work. Never before has a Chinese TCM master written such a descriptive and complete academic and clinical textbook.Dr. Shi Xue-min is one of China's most esteemed TCM masters and highly praised professors for his clinical success and unique needling techniques. Volume one provides a detailed description of all the channels and vessels as well as a complete description of point locations with their indications, actions and clinical combinations. It also includes various ancient and recent needling and moxibustion techniques along with vivid illustrations. Volume two conveys a compilation of clinical treatment protocols and clinical cases of various diseases with detailed TCM explanation of treatment approach.The intent of this book is to bring professional TCM theory and clinical experience to the Western world. This important collection may serve as an academic and practical reference for the serious student and senior practitioner alike in both their clinical and teaching work.It explains the ancient textual theories and foundations of TCM. It presents a detailed explanation of point locations, functions, indications along with vivid illustrations. It describes ancient and recently developed needling and moxibustion techniques along with clinical applications. It is the first English translation of the "Xing Nao Kai Qiao" needling technique known as "activating the mind and opening the orifices" technique which is highly effective and clinically proven to treat apoplexy and paralysis. It exhibits detailed clinical cases with complete treatment plan and complete explanation of point prescriptions of various diseases.
180,00 153,00


Psycho-Emotional Aspects of Chinese Medicine

Elisa Rossi

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 480

This book explains in full how the emotional, mental and physical elements of Chinese Medicine in illness are an extremely effective therapy in dealing with cases where the alterations of the shen are both obvious and subtle. This book focuses on the psycho-spiritual aspects of patients' conditions and is purposely constructed to facilitate practitioners' formulations of diagnosis and treatment. It reflects throughout on the patient-practitioner relationship, resources and various characteristics of acupuncture, and inherent problems and qualities. ""Shen: Psycho-emotional Aspects of Chinese Medicine" is more than an acupuncture book or a clinical text on how to treat psychological diseases. The authors, by connecting personal clinical experience and through study of classical texts, have created a model that shows how to develop Chinese medicine in the West. This is a very important achievement." - From the Foreword by Volker Scheid Practitioner of Chinese medicine and Director of the European Institute of Oriental Medicine (Munich/London).
70,00 59,50

Tecniche complementari sportive

Stefano Tirelli

editore: Noi Edizioni

pagine: 496

Stefano Tirelli, curatore di questo testo, è l'ideatore di una metodologia innovativa che applica allo sport tecniche naturali e di medicina alternativa.
65,00 56,55

An Introduction to Western Medical Acupuncture

Adrian White, Jacqueline Filshie
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 320

This book is a clear and practical introductory guide to the practice of medical acupuncture. It describes the Western medical approach to the use of acupuncture as a therapy following orthodox diagnosis. The text covers issues of safety, different approaches to acupuncture, basic point information, clinical issues and the application of acupuncture in clinical conditions, especially in the treatment of pain.
55,00 46,75

Agopuntura cinese

Giorgio Di Concetto, Lucio Sotte

editore: Noi Edizioni

pagine: 724

Il volume affronta con determinazione l'argomento degli aspetti biomedici e della ricerca clinico-sperimentale in agopuntura con il preciso obiettivo di far incontrare le due tradizioni mediche attraverso l'esperienza di medici occidentali appassionati di medicina cinese. La trattazione è accompagnata da un vasto apparato iconografico creato appositamente per quest'opera.
110,50 96,14

Responsabilità professionale in agopuntura

Maurizio Vaccaro, Paolo Arbarello
e altri

editore: Minerva Medica

pagine: 52

I principi fondamentali ai quali il medico deve ispirare costantemente l'esercizio della propria professione sono ben definiti da codificate norme giuridiche e deontologiche, dove il nucleo degli aspetti principali da rispettare sono identificati testualmente nella perizia, nella prudenza, nella diligenza. Anche al medico agopuntore si applicano giustamente i fondamenti della responsabilità professionale relativamente all'imperizia, all'imprudenza, alla negligenza. Risulta quindi importante affrontare il problema dell'agopuntura iniziando a descriverne i criteri, le modalità di effettuazione, le tecniche, gli scopi, gli effetti, le eventuali controindicazioni, i rischi, le eventuali conseguenze non desiderate sotto l'aspetto della responsabilità professionale. Gli autori si augurano che questa pubblicazione sull'argomento possa aprire uno specifico dibattito su un tema in cui è necessario che al più presto entri in vigore una normativa ad hoc che affronti per tempo una situazione che si sta espandendo velocemente senza regole.
12,00 10,20

Medicina tradizionale cinese

Vito Marino, Angela M. La Sala Batà
e altri

editore: Nuova IPSA

pagine: 84

L'apprendimento e l'uso di tali tecniche non invasive e prive di controindicazioni puo' rappresentare un valido aiuto nella gestione della gravidanza, tutte le volte che questa sta per essere pregiudicata: iperemesi, presentazioni anomale, travaglio prolungato, ecc.
20,00 18,00

Lo spirito della cultura cinese

Claude Larre

editore: Jaca Book

pagine: 249

Il volume prosegue la grande opera di Claude Larre iniziata con "Alle radici della civiltà cinese". I due testi compongono l'opera Les Chinois (I Cinesi), il lavoro di sintesi culturale più importante dell'eminente sinologo. Il presente volume propone un approfondimento dello spirito della cultura cinese tradizionale. Sono qui anzitutto esaminate le più importanti correnti di pensiero della Cina antica, le cosiddette Cento scuole, i Maestri del pensiero che hanno dato le basi teoriche allo sviluppo della grande civiltà dell'Impero del Centro. Larre ci mostra come Confucianesimo, Taoismo e Buddismo per i Cinesi, salvo stagioni e situazioni particolari, non sono stati delle religioni contrapposte, ma delle "vie" che hanno spesso trovato un'armonizzazione. Segue un capitolo sulla concezione dell'uomo, cioè sull'antropologia dei cinesi a partire da alcuni brani dei testi antichi che rivelano l'ardore e l'amore della loro straripante umanità. Nelle "Arti della vita" viene descritta la ricerca della vita piacevole, si trovano riuniti i temi dell'arte di vivere: benessere, piacere del camminare, della tavola, della compagnia femminile, della musica e della poesia, come pure delle discussioni filosofiche fra amici. Infine, un interessante spaccato sulla Medicina Tradizionale Cinese, oggi studiata e promossa in tutto il mondo che offre le chiavi di una disciplina che mette l'accento sull'armonia originaria e indispensabile tra l'uomo e l'universo.
24,00 20,40

Ideogrammi della salute

Fabrizia Berera

editore: Red Edizioni

pagine: 206

Questo libro, a partire da alcune nozioni della Medicina Tradizionale Cinese, invita il lettore a fare un cammino interiore con l'aiuto di millenari principi di saggezza; in essi è riposto un sapere vivo e attuale, un insegnamento sulle corrispondenze tra uomo e universo, tra psiche e soma. Ogni capitolo del libro presenta alcuni ideogrammi che, come pietre miliari, indicano all'uomo che cerchi di vivere in pienezza e salute la sua vita un percorso da seguire. I caratteri cinesi antichi sono simboli che conservano un'energia particolare: capirne il profondo significato è come assumere un ricostituente per la mente e per il corpo.
9,90 8,42

The Channels of Acupuncture Cards

Clinical Use of the Secondary Channels and Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Giovanni Maciocia

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 226

"The Channels of Acupuncture Flash Cards" is a set of 109 2-colour cards designed to allow students and practitioners to test themselves on the channels and extraordinary vessels of acupuncture. Two colour illustrations from "The Channels of Acupuncture" book provide unparalleled images of the channels. Each channel illustration will illustrate the pathway of the channel and the text on the reverse of each channel will provide concise descriptions of the pathway of the channel. Further cards will illustrate the pathology of each channel, especially for the eight extra meridians. The Flash Cards should be useful for students and should also sit nicely in every clinic.
55,00 46,75

The Channels of Acupuncture

Clinical Use of the Secondary Channels and Eight Extraordinary Vessels

Giovanni Maciocia

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 768

One of the most highly-regarded and respected authors and lecturers in the West, Giovanni Maciocia, illuminates and examines the art of traditional Chinese acupuncture with this in-depth look at the secondary channels and other key structures encompassing the human body in Chinese anatomy. This book describes in detail the pathways, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment of the Luo, Muscle, and Divergent secondary channels, as well as other key structures such as the Cou Li and Huang membranes, and gives a thorough, clear overview of subjects poorly understood and incompletely covered in other English language texts. Over one third of the book is dedicated to the Eight Extraordinary Channels, providing the reader with the most in-depth information available in the English language. Drawing on his broad clinical experience, the author covers the energetic physiology, pathology and points by body area, providing ease of access for both the student and practitioner of acupuncture. "The Channels of Acupuncture" presents comprehensive and clear information on an essential part of traditional Chinese medicine.
110,00 93,50

Single-point Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy

Liu Zhao, Zhou Chenhua


pagine: 200

The book "Single-Point Acupuncture and Moxibustion Therapy" by Dr. Liu Zhao and Dr. Zhou Chenhua is a compilation of ten years of study and clinical practice. It contains meridian theory, syndrome-differentiation, therapeutic principles and a myriad of case studies to illustrate the scope of healing utilizing a single acupuncture point. The authors cover herbal therapies, moxibustion and needling techniques necessary for optimal results. Each case study is detailed with the patient's disease, symptomatological facts, syndrome differentiation, therapeutic principle, treatment specifics and results of each treatment. When applicable the authors add important clinical notes and observations that can only be gleaned from years of practice. A wide representation of diseases are discussed in the case studies in areas of internal disorders, surgical disease, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatric disease, and diseases of the skin, eyes, and ears.
48,00 40,80


A Clinical Guide to Theory and Practice

Gretchen de Soriano, Keisetsu Otsuka
e altri

editore: Churchill Livingstone

pagine: 224

"Kampo: A Clinical Guide to Theory and Practice" provides an excellent overview of Kampo in modern society and goes on to present an historical perspective from practitioners in Japan and the west. The translation opens with Dr Otsuka's personal reflections on how to study Kampo, the legal and practical status of Kampo practitioners when he began practice and includes clinical anecdotes. The book summarizes diagnostic theory and methodology then leads onto a section including 80 principal formulas followed by a therapeutic section organized according to allopathic definitions of disease. It follows a systems approach in internal medicine beginning with respiratory and cardiovascular disorders, moving through a comprehensive analysis of all the body systems. This section forms the heart of the text: it outlines essential clinical information on how differential diagnosis and formula selection is achieved with the Kampo tradition. A comprehensive index of 120 major herbal formulas and 180 individual herbal ingredients is compiled from the author's linage and experience. The translators have included an original piece of work in the form of a comprehensive Glossary of terms designed to clarify concepts of health and disease unique to Kampo and Japanese culture. From the Foreword by Dan Bensky: 'Readers who already have some basic knowledge of Kampo will gain a deeper understanding of the roots of modern Kampo, as well as information about diagnosis and treatment that come direct from the source.. it is of great interest to have this example of an important book from mid-twentieth century Japan'.
53,00 45,05

Advanced Techniques in Oriental Medicine

Skya Abbate

editore: Thieme Publishing Group

pagine: 183

Taming the Tiger "When you grasp the needle, do so with great care, firm strength and caution for the peril, as if holding a tiger's tail: one wrong move and great harm could befall."--Huangdi Neijing This uncommonly useful guidebook presents an overview of all aspects of needling, from the parameters of the needle itself to the importance of treating and anchoring the patient's spirit. Skya Abbate's clear language and detailed descriptions guide you step-by-step through thirteen categories of disease, ranging from anxiety, geriatric and chronic degenerative diseases to those illnesses thought to be untreatable. Specialized chapters offer insight and guidance for practitioners seeking to enhance their treatment strategies with additional therapeutic techniques, including moxibustion, bleeding techniques, herbal liniments, infrared light, threading, and others. Rounding out the text is a practical appendix with a glossary of Chinese medical terminology, sample instructions for patients, as well as an index with more than 2,000 disorders. Skillfully weaving the time-honored principles of Oriental medicine into the cutting-edge reality of the clinic, Advanced Techniques in Oriental Medicine offers a wealth of simple, yet effective, treatment strategies.
55,00 46,75

Fondamenti di agopuntura e medicina cinese. Trattato di agopuntura e medicina cinese

Lucio Sotte

editore: Noi Edizioni

pagine: 719

Il volume è firmato da Lucio Sotte, Emilio Minelli, Carlo Maria Giovanardi, Annunzio Matrà e Camillo Schiantarelli.
102,50 89,18

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