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Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

Drug Facts and Comparisons

Facts & Comparisons

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 4152

368,00 349,60

Drug Facts and Comparisons 2016

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

287,00 272,65

Drug Identifier

The Premier Tool for Drug Identification

Facts & Comparisons

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

This electronic tool provides quick drug identification with more than 10,000 color images organized by multiple attributes including imprint, shape, generic and trade name, manufacturer, and NDC.
80,00 76,00

Drug Interaction Analysis and Management

John R. Horn, Philip D. Hansten

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 2096

'Drug Interactions Analysis and Management 2014' assists in the prevention and management of drug interactions. Emphasizing management options for improved patient outcomes, the text also and includes recommendations for alternative medications (as appropriate).
98,00 93,10

Ophthalmic Drug Facts

Jimmy D. Bartlett

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 720

Ophthalmic Drug Facts is the definitive single source of objective, up-to-date drug information for eye care professionals. Organized by therapeutic categories, detailed monographs include the drug information that practitioners need to make therapeutic decisions: actions, indications, off-label uses, contraindications, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse reactions, overdosage, patient information, and administration and dosage.
82,00 77,90

The Review of Natural Products

Ara DerMarderosian, Constance Grauds
e altri

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 1728

'The Review of Natural Products' is a source of current natural product information for health care professionals. More than 400 in-depth monographs are included, based on scientific research.
77,00 73,15

ImmunoFacts 2013

Vaccines and Immunologic Drugs

John D. Grabenstein

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 1568

The leader in drug information for more than 60 years - Facts & Comparisons - brings you ImmunoFacts, the most current and comprehensive collection of immunologic, antibody, and vaccine information available. Written by John D. Grabenstein, renowned immunologic authority and noted specialist in the use of immunologic drugs, ImmunoFacts' easy-to-follow organization allows access to unbiased comparisons of immunologic drugs. Make informed decisions about dosage, administration, storage, formulary admission, and purchase of vaccines and immunologic drugs. ImmunoFacts is an essential resource for anyone who prescribes, administers, dispenses, or monitors immunologic agents.
80,00 76,00


Vaccines and Immunologic Drugs

John D. Grabenstein

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 1632

"ImmunoFacts" provides concise information on the most frequently used vaccines and immunologics. "ImmunoFacts" helps you make informed decisions about dosage, administration, storage, formulary admission, and purchasing of vaccines and immunologic drugs. This is an essential resource for anyone who prescribes, administers, or dispenses immunologic agents, or who monitors patients receiving vaccines.
84,00 79,80

Managing Oral Anticoagulation Therapy

Clinical and Operational Guidelines

Ann K. Wittkowsky, Jack E. Ansell
e altri

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 432

Managing Oral Anticoagulation Therapy: Clinical and Operational Guidelines provides the resources and information to enhance the care of patients receiving oral anticoagulation therapy. Written by a diverse and multidisciplinary group of health care professionals with hands-on experience, this book focuses on the anticoagulation management service--a model of anticoagulation care that is systematic, organized, and coordinated. All aspects of development and implementation of this care model are addressed. The book is divided into two sections: Part 1, Establishing an Anticoagulation Management Service, and Part 2, The Use of Oral Anticoagulants. Chapters include guidelines and flow sheets used in anticoagulation programs, as well as policy and procedure examples.
240,00 228,00

Guide to Popular Natural Products

Facts & Comparisons

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 378

This pocket reference provides instant access to essential facts about 125 of the most popular medicinal herbs and natural products. Abridged from "The Review of Natural Products", this guide presents concise, authoritative information based on scientific and clinical research. Herbs and products are listed alphabetically and discussed in an easy-to-follow format - scientific and common names, a patient information box, references, and abridged sections on botany, history, pharmacology, and toxicology. The book also includes drug interaction charts, sources of natural product information, a herbal diuretics chart, poison control center information, a therapeutic index, a comprehensive primary index, and colour photographs of botanicals.
12,00 11,40

A Therapeutic Guide to Common Problems in Gastroenterology

Chandra Prakash, Joyce Generali

editore: Facts & Comparisons,U.S.

pagine: 448

This handbook keeps on-the-go health care professionals up-to-speed on the latest management and medication options for gastroenterology problems. The book is organized in two major sections for easy reference. The first section consists of short synopses of presentations, investigations, and management options for common gastroenterologic conditions. The second section consists of monographs on drugs associated with the GI system, including antacids, antidiarrheals, anti-infectives, laxatives, and proton pump inhibitors. Monographs cover indications, administration and dosage, contraindications, warnings, interactions, and adverse reactions. An appendix provides useful tables regarding drug therapy, such as 'GI Drugs with Black Box Warnings' and 'FDA Orphan Drugs with GI Uses'.
26,00 24,70

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