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titolo Cosmeceuticals
argomenti Medicina Dermatologia Terapia dermatologica
Medicina Dermatologia
Medicina Medicina estetica
editore Saunders
formato Libro
pagine 238
pubblicazione 2005
ISBN 9781416002444
110,00 104,50 (-5%)
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Introducing a new title in the "Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series"! This breakthrough reference presents up-to-the-minute, practical guidance on the use of cosmeceuticals (skin care products that fall between a cosmetic and a pharmaceutical) as well as microdermabraion and 'lunchtime peels' - edited by one of the top experts in the world, Dr. Zoe Draelos. Succinctly written and lavishly illustrated, this resource focuses on procedural information and provides practical and realistic advice for those looking to guide their patients in the use of these products and procedures based on sound scientific evidence.


Indice testuale

Introduction: What are Cosmeceuticals? - Albert M. Kligman Part 1: Defining the Cosmeceutical Realm 1. Cosmeceuticals and the Practice of Dermatology - Ellen C. Gendler 2. Cosmeceuticals: Function and The Skin Barrier 3. Cosmeceutical Formulation Considerations - Kenneth Klein 4. The Cosmeceutical Marketplace - Doug Stuckey 5. Evaluating Cosmeceutical Efficiency - Gary L. Grove, Jonn Damia, Charles Zerwick Part 2: Cosmeceutical Actives 6. Retinoids - John E. Oblong, Donald L. Bissett 7. Cosmeceutical Vitamins: Vitamin E - Jens J. Thiele, Swarna Ekanayake Mudiyanselage, Sherry N. Hsieh 8. Cosmeceutical Vitamins: Vitamin C - Patricia Farris 9. Cosmeceutical Vitamins: Vitamin B - Donald L. Bissett, John E. Oblong, Cynthia A. Berge 10. Ceramides, Lipids, and Barrier Repair - Peter M. Elias 11. Cosmeceutical Botanicals: Part 1 - Zoe D. Draelos 12. Cosmeceutical Botanicals: Part 2 - Carl Thornfeldt 13. Cosmeceutical Metals - Jim Schwartz 14. Cosmeceutical Moisturizers - James Q. Del Rosso 15. Skin Lightening Agents - Marta I. Rendon, Jorge I. Gaviria 16. Exfoliants: AHAs and BHAs - Cherie M. Ditre 17. Proteins and Peptides - Mary P. Lupo 18. Nutritional Antioxidants - Karen E. Burke 19. Endogenous Growth Factors as Cosmeceuticals - Richard E. Fitzpatrick 20. Sunscreens - Dee Anna Glaser, Heidi Waldorf 21. Contact Dermatitis Due to Cosmeceuticals - Christen M. Mowad Part 3: The Application of Cosmeceuticals to Dermatologic Practice 22. Wrinkles and Fine Lines 23. Redness 24. Dyspigmented Skin 25. Oily Skin 26. Dry Skin 27. Acne Part 4: Cosmeceutical Myths 28. Acne Cosmeceutical Myths - Zoe D. Draelos 29. Cosmeceutical Anti-Aging Myths - Zoe D. Draelos 30. Botanical Cosmeceutical Myths - Zoe D. Draelos Part 5: New Research in Cosmeceuticals 31. Gene Array Technology and the Search for Cosmeceutical Actives - Bryan B. Fuller, Brian K. Pilcher, Dustin R. Smith 32. Future Cosmeceuticals of Dermatologic Importance - Neil S. Sadick 33. The Next Generation Hydroxy Acids - M. Elizabeth Briden, Barbara Green 34. Novel Transdermal Cosmeceutical Delivery Systems - Carla G. Nugent Summary: What is the Future of Cosmeceuticals? - Zoe D. Draelos

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