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Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual

Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual
titolo Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual
argomento Veterinaria Parassitologia tossicologia
editore Iowa State University Press
formato Libro
pagine 235
pubblicazione 2001
ISBN 9780813824192
50,00 47,50 (-5%)
"Veterinary Parasitology Reference Manual, Fifth Edition" provides easy access to pertinent information on parasite life cycles, importance, location in host, zoonotic potential, current literature, diagnosis, and treatment. Chapters are organized by animal host species, including laboratory animals, humans, llamas, ratites, dogs, cats, ruminants, horses, pigs, and birds, as well as reptiles, wildlife, and marine animals, often missing from veterinary parasitology textbooks, but of practical interest to veterinarians. The manual includes step-by-step instructions for the most common diagnostic procedures used in routine veterinary practice. Features of the fifth edition include: Updated and enhanced references; Information on new drugs; Improved parasites of marine mammals section; Sections on laboratory animal parasites and human parasites; and over 500 photographs and figures. Foreyt underscores the strong relationship between parasites and the overall health of animals and stresses that indiscriminate use of drugs is a poor substitute for good management and nutrition in controlling parasites. The text also offers insights into the evolving relationships between hosts and parasites. Wildlife and zoo workers, veterinary practitioners, students, and technicians will find this to be a readable and accurate resource of information about parasites in a variety of animals - wild, domestic, common and exotic.

Indice testuale

Preface. Introduction. Section 1. Diagnostic Parasitology. Section 2. General Parasitology. Section 3. Parasites of Dogs. Section 4. Parasites of Cats. Section 5. Parasites of Cattle, Sheep, and Goats. Section 6. Parasites of Llamas. Section 7. Parasites of Horses. Section 8. Parasites of Pigs. Section 9. Parasites of Birds. Section 10. Parasites of Ratites (Ostriches, Emus, and Cassowaries) Section 11. Parasites of Laboratory Animals. Section 12. Parasites of Wildlife. Section 13. Parasites of Wildlife. Section 13. Parasites of Marine Mammals. Section 14. Parasites of Reptiles. Section 15. Parasites of Humans. Section 16. Common Artifacts in Feces. Section 17. Tables. Index.

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