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titolo Tuberculosis
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Pneumologia Tubercolosi
Medicina Pneumologia
editore Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
formato Libro
pagine 790
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9780781736787
175,00 166,25 (-5%)
This comprehensive clinical reference is edited by experts from the NYU-Bellevue Chest Service, which through its influence in tuberculosis care and education has been an integral part of the formation of the entire specialty of pulmonary medicine. The book draws on this extensive experience to present an authoritative account of the history, epidemiology, microbiology, immunology, clinical treatment, pharmacology, and prevention or control of tuberculosis. The book will serve as a definitive reference for specialists in pulmonary medicine, infectious disease, and public health. New to the Second Edition are more concise and focused chapters, new information on molecular biology from the genome project, and updated information especially for the epidemiology section.

Indice testuale

SECTION I: HISTORY AND EPIDEMIOLOGY The Writer's Voice: Tuberculosis in the Arts 3 Joan Reibman and Thomas Lennon Global Epidemiology of Tuberculosis 13 Donald A. Enarson, Chen-Yuan Chiang, and John F. Murray Epidemiology of Tuberculosis in the United States 31 C. Robert Horsburgh, Jr., Marisa Moore, and Kenneth G. Castro Molecular Epidemiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 47 Barun Mathema and Barry N. Kreiswirth SECTION II: GENOMICS AND MICROBIOLOGY Comparative Genomics of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex: Evolutionary Insight and Applications 65 Roland Brosch, Sayera Banu, and Stewart T. Cole Genetic Diversity of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex 75 Marcel A. Behr Tuberculosis Latency in Humans 85 Charles L. Daley Persistence and Drug Tolerance 101 James E. Gomez and John D. McKinney The Cell Wall of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 115 Dean C. Crick, Patrick J. Brennan, and Michael R. McNeil Mycobacterium tuberculosis Virulence: A Genetic Analysis 135 Issar Smith Laboratory Diagnosis 163 Bruce A. Hanna Novel Approaches to the Rapid Diagnosis of Tuberculosis 177 Neil W. Schluger SECTION III: HOST RESPONSE Immunodiagnosis 185 Suman Laal The Role of the Nramp1 Gene in Mycobacterial Infections 193 Ellen Buschman, Emil Skamene, and Erwin Schurr Phagocytosis and Toll-Like Receptors in Tuberculosis 203 Larry S. Schlesinger Nitric Oxide in Tuberculosis 215 Carl F. Nathan and Sabine Ehrt Animal Models of Tuberculosis 237 JoAnne L. Flynn and John Chan Cell-Mediated Immune Response 251 Timo Ulrichs and Stefan H. E. Kaufmann CD1 Response 263 Peter A. Sieling and Robert L. Modlin Dendritic Cells 269 Ralph M. Steinman and Thomas M. Moran Cytokine Response in Tuberculosis 285 Rany Condos and William N. Rom Molecular Mechanisms of Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Tuberculosis Interaction in the Lung 301 Yoshihiko Hoshino, Bindu Raju, and Michael Weiden Programmed Cell Death in Tuberculosis 309 Joseph Keane and Hardy Kornfeld SECTION IV: CLINICAL ASPECTS Pathology and Insights into Pathogenesis of Tuberculosis 323 Jaishree Jagirdar and David Zagzag Pulmonary Tuberculosis 345 Stuart M. Garay Imaging of Thoracic Tuberculous Infections 395 Georgeann McGuinness and Ami N. Rubinowitz Miliary Tuberculosis 427 Stephen K. Baker and Jeffrey Glassroth Tuberculosis of the Brain, Meninges, and Spinal Cord 445 Michael Henry and Robert S. Holzman Ocular Complications 465 Dorothy Nahm Friedberg and Monica Lorenzo-Latkany Tuberculosis of the Head and Neck 477 Andrew G. Sikora, Stephen G. Rothstein, Kenneth F. Garay, and Ruth Spiegel Mycobacterial Lymphadenitis 489 Mark F. Sloane Pleural Tuberculosis 497 Stephan L. Kamholz Cardiovascular Tuberculosis 509 June E. S. Abadilla and Albert E. Heurich

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