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Imaging of the Larynx

Imaging of the Larynx
titolo Imaging of the Larynx
argomento Medicina Otorinolaringoiatria Imaging in O.R.L.
editore Springer-Verlag Berlin and Heidelberg GmbH & Co. K
formato Libro
pagine 203
pubblicazione 2002
ISBN 9783540412328
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Notwithstanding the important role of direct clinical and endoscopic examination in modern management of pathological conditions of the larynx, radiological study the and, more specifically, cross-sectional imaging by CT and MRI make definite diagnostic contributions by virtue of their potential to display superbly the deeper extent of laryngeal lesions. Indeed, remarkable progress has been achieved during recent years in CT and MRI techniques as applied to the neck region. This book sets out to provide a sorely needed update of our knowledge of the diagnostic potential of these cross-sectional methods and constitutes a very welcome addition to our series "Medical Radiology", which aims to cover all important clinical imaging fields of modern diagnostic radiology. It will be of great interest to general and head and neck radiologists as well as to ENT surgeons and radiotherapists. Professor R. Hermans and the other distinguished contributors to this work are internationally renowned experts in the field and they have accumulated vast experi- ence and a wealth of radio-pathological knowledge of the larynx over the years. I would like to congratulate them most sincerely for this outstanding volume, its comprehensive contents and its superb illustrations. I hope that this book will meet with the same great success as previously published volumes in the series. I would appreciate any constructive criticism that might be offered.

Indice testuale

K.G. Delsupehe and P.R. Delaere: Clinical Evaluation of the Larynx; F.A. Pameijer and R. Hermans: Imaging Techniques, Radiological Anatomy and Normal Variants; R. Hermans and I.M. Schmalfuss: Benign Pathology of the Adult Larynx; P.P. Gruca, V. Joshi, and S. Mukherji: Radiology of Pediatric Laryngeal Pathology; M. Becker: Malignant Lesions of the Larynx and Hypopharynx; R. Sigal: Diagnostic Evaluation of Lymph Node Metastasis; R. Hermans and J.A. Castelijns: Predicting the Local Outcome of Irradiated Laryngeal Cancer: Value of Pretreatment Imaging; R. Hermans: Imaging After Radiation Treatment of Laryngeal Cancer; R. Maroldi, D. Farina, G. Battaglia, L. Palvarini, and P. Maculotti: Imaging After Laryngeal Surgery; P. Flamen: Positron Emission Tomography in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma; Recent Advances in Laryngeal Imaging: I.M. Schmalfuss: Dynamic Imaging of the Vocal Tract. E. Neri and C. Bartolozzi: Virtual Endoscopy of the Larynx. M.Rijpkema and J. Kaanders: Functional MR Imaging of Laryngeal Cancer; Subject Index; List of Contributors.

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