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Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus Treatment
titolo Tinnitus Treatment
sottotitolo Clinical Protocols
argomento Medicina Otorinolaringoiatria Terapia in O.R.L.
editore Thieme Publishing Group
formato Libro
pagine 272
pubblicazione 2005
ISBN 9783131320711
49,95 42,46
Risparmi: € 7,49
Most clinicians have little experience with tinnitus treatments, and are unsure of how to help a patient suffering from the condition. Filling a significant gap in literature, this book offers a variety of in-depth protocols to treat tinnitus. Beginning with a review of several neurophysiological and psychological models of tinnitus, the book goes on to cover evaluation tools; counseling options and methods; treatment with hearing aids, wearable and non-wearable noise generators, and music; tinnitus-related insomnia; quality-of-life issues; and much more. Highly experienced clinicians give you the practical strategies to apply such therapeutic modalities as cognitive-behavioral therapy, individual and group sessions, sound therapy, habituation therapy, and narrative therapy. You will also find sample handouts to allow for effective communication with patients. With key clinical information for implementing all current therapies, this text is an essential professional tool for audiologists, psychologists, and other practitioners involved in managing otologic disorders.

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Neurophysiological Models, Psychological Models and Treatments for Tinnitus Tinnitus Self- Treatment Internet-based self-help treatment of tinnitus Treating tinnitus in patients with otologic conditions Tinnitus lifestyle management Tinnitus habituation therapy Tinnitus-related insomnia treatment Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy with applied relaxation Tinnitus Activity Treatment Tinnitus retraining therapy Music and the Acoustic Desensitization Protocol for Tinnitus Hearing aids and tinnitus Tinnitus sound therapies Incorporating group and individual sessions into a tinnitus management clinic Tinnitus existential therapy Scary Monsters and Waterfalls: Tinnitus Narrative Therapy for Children

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