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Human Embryology

Human Embryology
titolo Human Embryology
sottotitolo The Ultimate USMLE Step 1 Review
argomenti Medicina Embriologia
Medicina Test e quiz
editore Hanley & Belfus Inc.
formato Libro
pagine 120
pubblicazione 2003
ISBN 9781560535614
32,00 30,40 (-5%)
This book is a valuable tool for enabling students to recall the many details regarding human development and congenital diseases, and it is particularly valuable for those preparing for licensing exams. Copiously illustrated, each chapter consists of a single page of illustrations coupled with a single page of focused, high-yield text. After each of the book's three parts, a series of practice questions tests the reader's recollection and understanding.

Indice testuale

Part I Chapter 1. Mitosis and Meiosis Chapter 2. Female Gametogenesis Chapter 3. The Menstrual Cycle Chapter 4. Male Gametogenesis Chapter 5. Fertilization, Implantation, and the Zygote Chapter 6. Fertility, Transgenics, and Cloning Chapter 7. The Inner Cell Mass and the Trophoblast Chapter 8 Gastrulation Chapter 9. Body Plan Part I: Ectoderm and Neurulation Chapter 10. Body Plan Part II: Intraembryonic Mesoderm Chapter 11. Body Plan Part III: Endoderm and Early Body Folding Chapter 12. Respiratory System (Lower Respiratory Tract) Part I. Questions and Answers for Chapters 1-12 Part II Chapter 13. Gastrointestinal Development Part I: Foregut and Stomach Chapter 14. Gastrointestinal Development Part II: Doudenum and Accessory Glands Chapter 15. Gastrointestinal Development Part III: Midgut and Hindgut Chapter 16. Urogenital System Part I: The Kidney Chapter 17 Urogenital System Part II: Bladder and Urethra Chapter 18. Urogenital System Part III: Male Reproductive System Chapter 19 Urogenital System Part IV: Female Reproductive System Chapter 20. Urogenital System Part V: Gonadal Descent and Abnormal Genital Development Chapter 21. Appendicular Skeleton and Limb Development Chapter 22. Head and Neck Part I: Cranial Axial Skeleton and Musculature Chapter 23 Head and Neck Part II: The Face Chapter 24. Head and Neck Part III: Pharyngeal Arches, Pouches, and Grooves Chapter 25. Head and Neck Part IV: Tongue, Thyroid Gland, and Pituitary Gland Chapter 26. The Eye Chapter 27. The Ear Chapter 28. Nervous System Part I: Early Development and the Spinal Cord Chapter 29. Nervous System Part II: Hindbrain Chapter 30. Nervous System Part III: Midbrain and Forebrain Chapter 31. Nervous System Part IV: Peripheral Nervous System, Adrenal Gland, and Cranial Nerves Part II. Questions and Answers for Chapters 13-31 Part III Chapter 32. Heart Part I:The Early Phase Chapter 33. Heart Part II: Atrial Septation Chapter 34. Heart Part III: Ventricular and Outflow Septation Chapter 35. Vascular Development Part I: Arteries Chapter 36. Vascular Development Part II: Congenital Anomalies of the Great Arteries Chapter 37. Vascular Development Part III: Veins Chapter 38. Vasculogenesis, Hematopoiesis, and Lymphoid Tissues Chapter 39. The Integument Chapter 40. The Fetal Period Chapter 41. Fetal Membranes and Placenta Part I: Placental Structure Chapter 42. Fetal Membranes and Placenta Part II: Placental Physiology Chapter 43. Multiple Births Chapter 44. Partuition and Changes in Fetal Circulation Chapter 45. Prenatal Diagnosis Chapter 46. Birth Defects (Congenital Defects)-Causative Factors Part IV. Questions and Answers for Chapters 28-40

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