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Critical Care Nutrition Therapy for Non-nutritionists

Critical Care Nutrition Therapy for Non-nutritionists
titolo Critical Care Nutrition Therapy for Non-nutritionists
argomenti Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione Terapia intensiva e critical care
Medicina Scienza dell'alimentazione Nutrizione clinica
Medicina Anestesia e rianimazione
Medicina Scienza dell'alimentazione
editore Springer International Publishing AG
formato Libro
pagine 179
pubblicazione 2018
ISBN 9783319586519
52,00 49,40 (-5%)
This book offers a pragmatic approach to day-to-day metabolic and nutritional care based on physiological considerations. Due to the numerous controversial trials published in the last 15 years, there is no clear guidance for intensive care physicians regarding the metabolic and nutritional management of patients. This has resulted in a return to underfeeding and related complications in most ICUs worldwide as shown by the latest Nutrition Day data. Using a structured, logical approach, the book examines practical solutions for artificial feeding in complex areas of critical care (brain injuries, burns, cardiac failure, ECMO, intestinal failure, long term patient, renal failure, metabolic diseases, obesity, old patients) and discusses measurement of the results of metabolic interventions. It also includes dedicated chapters focusing on specific problems, in order to avoid complications. Critical Care Nutrition Therapy for Non-nutritionists is a valuable resource for all general ICUs and ICU subspecialties such as cardiovascular, neuro, gastrointestinal and burns ICUs.

Indice testuale

General ICU patient.- Nutrition during prolonged hemodynamic instability.- ECMO patients.- Intestinal failure.- Brain injury and nutrition.- Burns (major).- Obesity.- Acute Kidney Injury with and without renal replacement therapy.- Patient on non-invasive ventilation.- The very old patients.- Inborn Errors of Metabolism in Adults: Clues for nutritional management in ICU.- Nutrition and Metabolic Support in Chronic Critical Illness.- Practical aspects of nutrition.

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