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Ventricular Function in Congenital Heart Disease

Ventricular Function in Congenital Heart Disease
titolo Ventricular Function in Congenital Heart Disease
argomenti Medicina Cardiologia Anatomia e fisiologia cardiaca
Medicina Cardiologia Cardiopatie congenite
Medicina Cardiologia
editore Blackwell Futura
formato Libro
pagine 392
pubblicazione 2005
ISBN 9781405122115
105,00 99,75 (-5%)
Infants, children and adolescents with congenital heart disease (CHD) are a challenge to manage and an ever-increasing number are reaching adulthood. CHD is one of the most important topics in cardiology today, yet this book is the only clinically-orientated monograph devoted exclusively to ventricular function and blood flow as it relates to CHD. Written by a distinguished panel of cardiologists, bioengineers, physiologists, and clinical investigators, "Ventricular Function and Blood Flow in Congenital Heart Disease" is an extensive and comprehensive presentation of the key aspects of this branch of CHD.

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List of Contributors.Foreword.Preface.Acknowledgments.Part I Overview.1 Pediatric Congenital and Acquired Heart Disease as it Relates to Ventricular Function and Blood Flow.2 Ventricular Function-The Basics of the Discipline.3 Blood Flow-The Basics of the Discipline.4 History and Physical Examination.5 Plain Radiographic Examination of the Heart and Chest.6 Cardiac Catheterization.Part II Techniques in Assessing Ventricular Function.7 Echocardiography and Doppler Ultrasound.8 Magnetic Resonance Imaging.9 Cardiology and Positron Emission Tomography.10 Exercise Testing.Part III Ventricular Function in Specific Categories.11 Ventricular Function in Pressure Overload Lesions.12 Ventricular Function in Volume Overload Lesions.13 The Right Ventricle in a Dual Chambered Circulation.14 The Left Ventricle in a Dual Chambered Circulation.15 Blood Flow in the Normal and Diseased Aorta.16 Blood Flow in Normal and Diseased Pulmonary Arteries.17 Considerations in the Single Ventricle.18 Exercise Performance in Fontan Patients.19 Considerations in Intensive Care.Part IV Ventricular Function and Blood Flow in Specific Categories.20 Considerations in Catheter Interventions.21 Pharmacology and Ventricular Performance.Index

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