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Understanding Masticatory Function in Unilateral Crossbites

Understanding Masticatory Function in Unilateral Crossbites
titolo Understanding Masticatory Function in Unilateral Crossbites
autori ,
argomenti Medicina Odontoiatria Ortodonzia
Medicina Odontoiatria
editore John Wiley & Sons Inc
formato Libro
pagine 248
pubblicazione 2016
ISBN 9781118971871
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Unilateral posterior crossbite is a problem often seen in orthodontic practice, and properly understanding chewing patterns will lead to the most effective treatment program. Drawing on their research and available literature, Drs. Piancino and Kyrkanides present a fascinating look at chewing cycles and their role in the functional treatment of unilateral posterior crossbite. * Describes the physiology and pathology of chewing patterns and muscular activation in humans * Explains chewing patterns and muscular coordination, and their influence on the growth and harmony of the stomatognathic system * Clinical instruction for checking and correcting masticatory function and functional asymmetry in order to prevent the relapse of the malocclusion * Clinical cases walk readers through the treatment of seven crossbites

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Foreword Preface How to Use This Book Acknowledgments Chapter 1 Introductory Explanation of Masticatory Function Chapter 2 Physiology of Mastication: The Chewing Pattern and Masticatory Function Chapter 3 Physiology of Mastication: Neuromuscular Control of Masticatory Function Chapter 4 Alterations to Masticatory Function in Unilateral Crossbites Chapter 5 Therapy with Function Generating Bite Appliance: Actions and Effects on Malocclusion and Masticatory Function Chapter 6 Cases Appendix Index

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