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Radiology of Skeletal Trauma

titolo Radiology of Skeletal Trauma
Editore Churchill Livingstone
libro Libro
Pagine 1340
Pubblicazione 2001
ISBN 9780443065637
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Thoroughly updated and revised, the new edition of this classic 2-volume set offers a comprehensive description of the role of diagnostic imaging (including plain film, computed tomography, isotopic bone scanning, and magnetic resonance imaging) in the evaluation of skeletal injury. The 3rd edition includes the latest advances in the use of CT, especially helical CT, in the assessment of trauma to the skull, face, spine, pelvis, and various sites in the appendicular skeleton.

Indice testuale

1. General anatomy 2. Skeletal biomechanics 3. Epidemiology of fractures with Leon Lenchik, MD 4. Description and detection of fractures with Felix S. Chew, MD 5. Special considerations in children with Sam T. Auringer, MD 6. Polytraemsi: The multiple injury patient with Stuart E. Mervis, MD 7. Fracture treatment with Ronald W. Hendrix, MD 8. Fracture healing with Ronald W. Hendrix, MD 9. Complications of fracture with Carol A. Boles, MD 10. The skull with Daniel W. Williams, III, MD 11. The Face with James T. Rhea, MD, Mark E. Mullins, MD, and Robert A. Novelline, MD 12. Cervical spine with Diego Nunez, Jr., MD 13. Thoracolumbar spine with Richard H. Daffner, MD, FACR 14. Thoracic cage with Eric Stern, MD 15. Shoulder and humeral shiff with Leon Lenchik, MD 16. Elbow and forearm with T. David Cox, MD and Andrew Sonin, MD 17. Wrist with Stephen Eustace, MB, Ciaran Keogh, MB, and Diane Bergin, MB 18. Hand with Carol A. Boles, MD, Mark Stephen Cohen, MD 19. Pelvis with Eric Brandser, MD 20. Hip and femoral shaft with Carol J. Ashman, MD, Joseph S. Yu, MD 21. Knee and proximal tibia and fibula with Clyde A. Helms, MD and Nancy Major, MD 22. Ankle with Andrew J. Wilson, MD 23. Foot with David Karasnick, MD

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