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Hirsch and Brenner's Atlas of EEG in Critical Care

titolo Hirsch and Brenner's Atlas of EEG in Critical Care
Autori ,
Editore Wiley-Blackwell
libro Libro: Hardback 27x35 cm
Lingua inglese
Pagine 556
Pubblicazione 2023
Numero edizione 2
ISBN 9781118752890
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An essential resource enabling the rapid detection of clinically relevant EEG patterns in the ICU setting

In the newly revised Second Edition of Atlas of EEG in Critical Care, a team of distinguished medical professionals deliver a highly illustrated, accessible, and authoritative guide to EEGs in critically ill patients. The book highlights key diagnostic patterns, enabling clinicians to make rapid, accurate diagnoses of all major critical conditions, including seizures, stroke, and coma. The authors offer up-to-date coverage of continuous and quantitative EEG methods, including explanations of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society’s 2021 Terminology for Critical Care EEG.

The new edition provides readers with a wide range of presentations seen in typical intensive care units and utilizes extensive color arrows and boxes to highlight the patterns in EEG traces. It explores methods of data management and trending that are central to long-term monitoring and covers invasive recordings, including multi-modal monitoring. Readers will also find:
  • Thorough introductions to the basics of EEG and EEG in encephalopathy
  • In-depth explorations of seizures and status epilepticus, as well as rhythmic and periodic patterns, the ictal-interictal continuum, the extreme delta brush pattern, and other controversial and recently defined EEG patterns
  • Comprehensive discussions of EEG in encephalopathy, coma, and cerebrovascular disease, as well as artifacts that can mimic seizures and other physiologic patterns
  • Numerous examples of prolonged EEG monitoring and an in-depth section on quantitative EEG techniques for detection of seizures and ischemia

Perfect for neurologists, EEG’ers and neurointensivists, the latest edition of Atlas of EEG in Critical Care will also earn a place in the libraries of neurology trainees seeking a practical and accessible collection of EEG traces from intensive care patients.


Indice testuale

Chapter 1-EEG Basics
Chapter 2:  Practical Approach to the Critical Care EEG and its Classification
Chapter 3: Encephalopathy and Coma
Chapter 4: Focal EEG Abnormalities
Chapter 5: Rhythmic and Periodic Patterns
Chapter 6: Seizures, Status Epilepticus and the Ictal-Interictal Continuum
Chapter 7: Artifacts that can mimic seizures or other physiologic patterns
Chapter 8: Post Cardiac Arrest Patterns
Chapter 9 Quantitative EEG: Basics, seizure detection, and avoiding pitfalls
Chapter 10: Quantitative EEG special applications and multimodal monitoring

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