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Sclerotherapy and Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy and Vein Treatment
titolo Sclerotherapy and Vein Treatment
autori , ,
argomenti Medicina Dermatologia Dermatologia professionale
Medicina Angiologia Terapia vascolare
Medicina Angiologia
Medicina Dermatologia
editore McGraw-Hill Medical
formato Libro
pagine 352
pubblicazione 2000
ISBN 9780071485425
160,00 152,00 (-5%)
A complete, full-color guide to vein disease diagnosis and treatment Authored by some of the world's leading experts in the diagnosis and treatment of venous diseases and enhanced by 450 full-color illustrations, this resource provides a comprehensive yet practical approach to these diseases. New technologies for diagnosis are included as are new treatments including micro-phlebotomy and laser treatment. A bonus DVD demonstrates how to perform important procedures.

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Contributors Preface Acknowledgments 1.The Spectrum of Venous Disease 2.Venous Anatomy 3.Histology 4.Venous Physiology and Pathology 5.Common Patterns of Abnormal Veins: Guide and Summary by Region 6.History and Physical Examination 7.Common Clinical Presentations 8.Continuous Wave Doppler 9.Physiologic and Other Tests for Venous Evaluation 10.Venous Imaging/Duplex Ultrasound 11.Patient Education and Informed Consent 12.Sclerotherapy of Large Varicose Veins 13.Sclerotheraphy of Small Veins 14.Sclerosing Solutions 15.Compression 16.Veins at Other Sites 17.Facial Veins 18.Special Situations and Problems 19.Foam Sclerotherapy 20.Lasers and High-Intensity Pulsed Light 21.Endovenous Laser Ablation 22. Ambulatory Phlebectomy 23.RF Endovenous Occlusion (Closure or ClosureFast) 24.Minimizing and Treating Complications 25. Outfitting the Phlebology Practice Appendix A: Manufacturers Appendix B: Samples of Forms Appendix C: Terminology for Billing and Encounter Forms Index

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