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Problem Solving in Rheumatology

Problem Solving in Rheumatology
titolo Problem Solving in Rheumatology
autori ,
editore Clinical Publishing,an imprint of Atlas Medical Publishing Ltd
formato Libro
pagine 248
pubblicazione 2008
ISBN 9781904392859
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"Problem Solving in Rheumatology" joins this growing series. Co-authored by Lee Kennedy who wrote "Problem Solving in Diabetes", this will be an important contribution in an important and fast moving clinical area. Each clinical case will highlight how recent developments in clinical and pharmaceutical research have had key impact on the practice of rheumatology. More than 50 cases covering all the major areas of rheumatic disorders will be included, eg., rheumatoid arthritis, gout, joint replacement surgery, diet, pain management, carpel tunnel syndrome, fibromyalgia, tennis elbow, osteoporosis, ankyklosing spondylitis, infections and tumours to name but a few. In style of the series, each case will be accompanied by introductory questions, a few key references and a management algorithm. The practice of rheumatology is constantly changing with new ways to manage disorders. It should be a popular book, reflecting up-to-date practice. This is a practical and up-to-date book that will be a useful addition to the doctor's library.

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Abbreviations; Introduction; 1. Approach to the patient with new onset painful joints; 2. Why did I get RA? A consideration of environmental and genetic factors; 3. Investigating RA - the role of laboratory and imaging; 4. The single hot joint - the history and examination on the path to diagnosis; 5. Evaluating the multidimensional response to treatment in patients with inflammatory polyarthritis; 6. Managing Rheumatoid arthritis at the onset; 7. Risk assessment prior to biological therapy targeting TNF and interleukin-1; 8. Breastfeeding and Pregnancy. What anti-rheumatic medications are safe and what to do about the rest?; 9. Should I change my diet? The evidence for pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory diets; 10. Inflammation - your stomach and heart. Does inflammation cause GI or CV disease and does its treatment pose new risks?; 11. Preventing osteoarthritis. How can we manipulate or modify the known risk factors for OA?; 12. Joint replacement surgery. When and why replace a knee or hip?; 13. Analgesia vs anti-inflammatory, cartilage protection and repair; 14. Should you treat asymptomatic hyperuricemia?; 15. Pseudogout and its investigation.; 16. Gout and its investigation.; 17. Acute crystal arthritis. The management of acute gout and pseudogout; 18. Dietary advice in the treatment of gout; 19. When and How to initiate Urate lowering treatment?; 20. Rotator cuff and frozen shoulder. A clinical approach to the diagnosis and management of shoulder pain.; 21. Managing acute low back pain.; 22. Chronic low back pain. Investigation and strategies for the successful management of back pain.; 23. What is fibromyalgia?; 24. Carpal tunnel syndrome; 25. Tennis elbow and plantar fasciitis, diagnosing and managing common soft tissue complaints; 26. What to do with a positive ANA result?; 27. Risk factors for lupus; 28. Investigating Raynauds phenomenon as a marker for future connective tissue disease.; 29. Monitoring for complications in SLE; 30. Treatment of SLE; 31. Treatment of Raynauds; 32. I have SLE, can I get pregnant? The impact of disease on pregnancy and vice-versa; 33. Clues to a vasculitic disease and its investigation; 34. Polymyalgia and Temporal Arteritis - Investigation and management?; 35. Preventing osteoporosis in patients with and without fractures; 36. Investigating the causes of osteoporosis in men and women; 37. Vitamins, calcium, and exercise in the management of osteoporosis; 38. Treating women with osteoporosis - what and when; 39. Treating male osteoporosis; 40. Treatment of steroid induced osteoporosis; 41. Back pain - mechanical or inflammatory?; 42. Separating the spondyloarthropathies; 43. Ankylosing spondylitis - treating spinal disease and peripheral disease; 44. Psoriatic arthritis and reactive arthritis - the role of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and immunosuppressive agents.; 45. Childhood arthritis. An approach to the arthritis in a child.; 46. Dryness of eyes and mouth is not only Sjogrens syndrome.; 47. Articular manifestations of endocrine disorders.; 48. Articular manifestations of renal disorders and renal transplantation.; 49. Antiphospholipid syndromes and its investigation and management.; 50. Managing bone and joint infections.; 51. Musculoskeletal tumours and the impact of malignancy on the musculoskeletal system.; General index.

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